Cleaning Windows To A Sparkle, The Natural Way

window cleaningThere are several reasons not to be using strong chemical based solutions to clean your windows or other areas of the house.

They could be toxic to you and your family, they are certainly not good for the environment and there are simple alternatives that you can use instead of these which may even be actually cheaper to use.

Did you know that you can get excellent results by using some common things that you will find lining your kitchen shelves? Did you know that white vinegar, baking soda, corn starch, club soda and lemon juice can all be useful for cleaning and particularly for cleaning windows?

Also these items tend not to leave any residue, which builds up with chemical formulations that can itself be rather an irritant which needs to be cleaned.

When cleaning widows, newsprint is an excellent item to use, since it is lint free, disposable and when done the right way, it leaves no streaks.

Another tip for when you are cleaning windows: cleaning in circular motions will create more streaks than if you were to use side to side cleaning motions or vertical up and down strokes.


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