Mark & Spencer Decorating Details to Love

In our days more and more people realize that nature is important for all of us. This is why some home designers have introduced pieces inspired by nature to bring the outdoors indoors. Pieces of this kind can be found at Marks&Spencer and you can be sure that the even the smallest details can make a difference.

Decorative bird design

The botanical trend cannot be stopped, not even by fall or winter. In case you are looking for something special, you should think about the detailed glass plate that Marks&Spencer offers. This features intricate drawings and special patterns.

Mark & Spencer Decorating Details to LoveMulti-faceted candle

Although you might think that a candle is only a candle, the truth is that the multi-faceted glass surface reflects light from all sides, offering the candle an airy of luxury. Although the rich purple color isn’t suitable for every home, you can be sure that you will find a place for it.

Bird table lamp

The people who are going for the classic British look should make sure that they give this lamp a shot. The brass lamp is simple enough to be suitable for the majority of the homes. Such lamps would look just perfect on the bedside tables and they would give an elegant feel to the bedroom.

Check throw

All homes need some color and why not bring it through the check throw? The interesting thing about this accessory is that it is simple enough not to be screaming, but it still doesn’t blend in with the rest of the furniture. Another advantage is that it will keep you warm on the cold winter afternoons.

Ampersand ornament

If you get an ornament of this kind you will show the world that you have a good sense of humor. In the same time you will add some interest to your home. However, you have to be sure that there is no other item in the room that would compete with this one for attention.

Bird bell jar

In case you have some special items or curiosities to display in your home, this bell is just perfect for you. Although it has a retro feel, you can be sure that your home will be on the top of the trend. If you do get such an item, however, you should try to keep the rest of the room simple so that it won’t become too much to take in.


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