Triennale Design Museum Introducing Spectacular Space Lights

There is special home design collection, which grabs the attention with an unusual style and really artistic touch to the core of each detail. One of these collections is the “Space age”, which is an extraordinary historical lamp collection.

It will be on display in the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, for its unusual and creative look. The “Space age” actually contains nearly sixty table lamps made in 60s and 70s by different designers.

The idea is to follow historically the home interior and its change through the years. The table lamps are interesting, for they have been chosen by the museum through certain requirements: to look and express the spirit of their time.

As you well know, the vintage style in the home décor is surely back, so you can check out and see some amazing ideas from this historical collection.

The lights, which will be on display at the Italian museum, have also another goal- to remind the viewer about the social changes and how they affect the design in an international plan.

The era of modernism has changed anything – even the idea of creating artistic interior. Still, the display will show the best sides of the past, trying to impress with works of famous designers such as Joe Colombo, Gino Sarfatti, Giotto Wick and others.


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