Lighting Trends to Sparkle Your Home

Probably, the most important thing when you think of renovating or decorating you dream home is lighting. Lighting in any home improvement is always given the top priority because it is what makes all the details of your home reflect and will also fill your room making it look bright. It also helps in making the whole space look more spacious.

But, before you start on renovating or modernizing your home through home, it is essential that you know the basics about lighting.

Lighting ideas for both the outdoors and indoors have changed a lot transforming from traditional lights to brilliant illuminating tools that turn your home into a suitably decorated and well-lit space.

Here are some of the lighting trends for you to consider if you are planning to enhance the appearance of your home by decorating or renovating.

Dark Lamp

This DARK LAMP by Alexander Lervik is an LED lamp designed to reflect a modern and yet simplistic design and it includes the latest LED technology. The lamp is the result of an idea whose intention was to replace traditional halogen lamps.

The LED lamp is made using a thin light screen but it spreads the light evenly inside the screen thus reflecting a light-strength that is equivalent to the normal light bulb. It is available as a floor lamp, wall lamp, ceiling lamp, bed lamp and table lamp.

Helix Lamp

The first thing that comes to your mind at the sight of this Helix OLED lamp from BlackBody is that it resembles a flower opening its petals. Surely, the lighting technique reflects a very slim light source that is never seen before.

Its shape of a helix, and the three blades that are suspended certainly emphasize the beauty and sharpness of OLED.

The most interesting thing about Helix is that the petals open and close playing with the intensity of the light. The Helix LED lamps lighten up the whole room when they are closed and when open, the light emitting from the lamps illuminates the room differently.

Live Everywhere

Live. Anywhere. Inc by Linda Allen is a standout lighting collection. These lighting trends change the way people think about lighting and they are a perfect match for indoor or outdoor living space without even the need for a cord and plug.

Linda Allen

This exquisite lighting which is also by Linda Allen is sure to make your interiors more beautiful as the light is dispersed evenly making the room look more comfortable and cozy.


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