Focus Lighting For Your Living Room

lightingWith some imagination, you can create interesting spaces of light and shade within your living room space.

These create areas of focus, highlighting the more interesting decorative elements of your room and create lighting [lighting techniques] for day to day activities, entertaining, hobbies, or just an intimate evening at home.

Focus lighting permits you to be flexible in the amount of lighting you want in a room and the areas of the room that you want lit up at any given time. For focus lighting to be most effective, overhead lighting should be kept muted not to create unflattering shadows.

Strategically placed Floor or table lamps:  Table lamps create an impression of cozy intimacy. Since they radiate light inwards, the area can appear more spacious. Floor lamps also create islands of light which when juxtaposed with an indoor plant or some other decorative element can draw admiring eyes.

A high tech rack: If your living room space is contemporary, modern or minimalist in design, old fashioned lamps would not fit into the scheme of things. In this event a row of focus lights suspended from the ceiling or optimally placed on the floor to reflect light upwards would work better.


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