Home Window Tint Ideas

When talking about window tints the majority of people are thinking about cars. However, there are some home window tint ideas that you could use in your home as well to bring your windows to new life. By adding window tints you can really change the look of your home.

Home Window Tint Ideas


A lot of people think that all the tints come with the same density. The truth is that the manufacturers offer tints with different densities. The lighter ones block out less light and UV rays and they offer less insulation. The darker ones block out more UV rays and they ensure more privacy.

Go classic

The tint ideas for home windows can also offer a more classic look to your home. Just consider the neutral gray or black tints that you can see on some windows. However, you might feel like your home could use some more colors, and in this case you should consider the more unconventional possibilities.

A splash of color

When it comes to the home window tint ideas the majority of people go for the neutral colors, like black and grey, as it has been mentioned before. In order to make your rooms feel warmer, you could choose a warm yellow color. For a serene feel to the room consider blue or green tint.

Inside out

Although you might think that the tips for tint ideas for home windows work wonderful from the inside, you also have to consider the outside look of your home. Just like you wouldn’t put on ugly curtains you also have to make sure that the color of the tint is suitable for the outside feel and color scheme of your home.


The people thinking about home window tint ideas most probably are considering the tints with solid colors. Nonetheless there are also tints available that come with a certain image or pattern. There are some simple patterns, such as strips, but you can also find flowers and hearts.


Don’t forget that the tint tips for home windows aren’t suitable for all individuals. If you are looking for a way to make your home have a special feel, a patterned tint could compliment the décor and it could turn out to be the perfect finishing touch for the house.

Give things a good thought before implementing any of the home window tint ideas so that you won’t regret the decision made.


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