Selecting Flooring Suitable For A Home Gym

home gymWhen designing a gym which you can use at home it is worth considering what the most suitable type of flooring might be.

The right kind of medium will be important for comfort and your increased enjoyment.

There are three main types available and these are rubber mats, interlocking tile and rubber roll flooring.

Some were originally designed for use with horses, whilst others are manufactured specifically for a gym type purpose.

Thicker coverings are more likely to withstand the potential wear and tear from heavy equipment such as weights and dumb bells.

Rubber Roll Flooring offers invisible seaming and a quite attractive look, it is great for covering larger areas and comes in thicknesses from a quarter to half an inch.

Repair is very simple and it comes in for foot widths with a choice of eighty and seventy foot lengths. It is available in a variety of colors and its flecked nature means it will always look good and not show up every speck of dirt.

Made from the aforementioned rubber rolled flooring, the interlocking tiles are quite literally like pieces of a jigsaw. The crumbed material has rubber qualities and includes a colored fleck during manufacture.

Commonly they come in a half inch thickness and because the tiles are so easy to fit together installation is extremely straightforward.

Finally rubber mats are also very durable and can be found in a thicker density, beware of the pure rubber type though because the strong smell can be very off putting.


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