Do You Want Your Wooden Floor Last Forever?

Wooden floors add immense look and feel to your home and also raise the value of your house.

If you have wooden flooring in your house, it obviously means that you have made quite a handsome investment for the flooring of your house.

The most appreciable thing about wooden flooring is that with a little care and maintenance you can have great flooring to your house for many years.

Whether you have hardwood flooring, laminated or solid wood flooring, a little maintenance ensures that your wooden surfaces stay in perfect condition.

Spotless floors can make it easier for you to keep the rest of your house clean and neat. Here are few tips for you to keep your wooden floors clean and long-lasting.

Wipe of water immediately!

As we all know, wood has water absorbing nature. Particularly, dampness of wood in summer months can cause floors to buckle. So, it is always advisable that you wipe the floor as soon as you notice water on the floor to prevent disastrous effects of wood.

Don’t drag furniture!

If you drag furniture on the wooden floor, the legs of furniture can cause scratches on the surface. Hence, it would be better for you to use some sense to lift the furniture up in order to move it from its place. Proper padding for the legs of furniture also helps you to prevent damage of wooden flooring.

Use vacuum cleaners to sweep the floor!

Vacuum always helps you to keep the dirt from grinding into the floor finish or sticking to it. You can also use dry cloth or paper towel to wipe the floor. Even, brooms with fine exploded ends are ideal for trapping the dirt and grit from the wooden floors.

Use proper cleaners!

Neutral pH cleaners don’t react well to the dirt on your wooden floors. Even, it is not suggestible to use oil soaps at any cost because they tend to build up a layer, which will cause difficulty while polishing the wooden floors. So, always try to use cleaning products recommended by the manufacturers to get long-lasting results.

Along with these tips, always remember to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight that can lead to discoloration of the wooden floor. Curtain and window blinds can help you a lot in this task.


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