A Relaxing Bedroom: DIY Tips

When you decide to renovate or simply redecorate the house you may be puzzled on how to go about the bedroom. You can transform your bedroom to a relaxing sanctuary of the house by following some DIY tips without spending a fortune on doing so. Your bedroom is the most personal space you have in the house, so while doing up you can choose a style or theme that suits your personality best.

a relaxing bedroomHere are few tips to make your bedroom most relaxing:

Wall Colors

Soothing colors like pastels or simple white are best for a relaxing bedroom. If you are more experimental you can use a vibrant color for one wall and keep the rest in light colors. In case you want to keep the walls in light shades, you can still make it colorful by keeping paintings, rugs and flower pots in vibrant colors.

A Relaxing Bed

This is the key of a comforting bedroom. You can choose natural fibers like cotton or linen for sheets and covers which are soft, comfortable and long lasting. While your bed frame can be as sturdy as possible, you can choose a mattress that gives enough support. If you don’t want to change the bed you can either upgrade it or simply use a mattress cover over it. It is advisable to have pillows as per your comfort not too firm or soft and don’t forget to change them every year o once in two years.


Depending on how much privacy you need in the bedroom, you can opt for curtain fabrics as sheer, silk o double layered ones. Curtain colors should complement the color theme of the entire bedroom, pastels and light shades are best suited for a soothing effect.


A well lit bedroom in warm colors like yellow can have an instant calming effect. Avoid very bright light and fluorescent lights, instead go for bedside reading lamps and various dim lamps around the room in order to highlight different areas.

Decor and Organization

While you accessorize your bedroom, go for as minimum items as possible which can add the total comfort of the room. The key here is to keep your bedroom as open as possible by keeping clutter away. You can arrange an under the bed storage and keep you clothes, shoes, jewelry, make up, books and other such stuff in its designated spot. Attractive sides stand with drawers, soothing scents and relaxing music can cozy up your bedroom as your chilling station.

You can add as many personal touches as you want to make your bedroom as relaxing as possible, like your favorite book and music nearby or a cooling eye mask and a warm neck pillow to relax you. Add your imagination and make your bedroom as indulgent as possible.


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