8 Best Home Decorating Trends

1. Safari chic

Did you hear the drums? Well they were so there for this year’s decoration trends. Animal prints, earthly colors, smart combination of artificial fur and imposing native designs defined the Safari inside interior decorations. It was fun to color a house and smile with a memory every time the items were admired by envious friends.

Source: mydeco.com

2. Classic with a tiny twist

The classic home catalogue was not over rated in 2009. The conservatory and the classical was on with only a touch of modern colors here and there but keeping the good old fashion upholstery style the magnificent curtains and the comfortable sofas. It was the good old style we know and love and it is sure to linger further.

Source: homedecoratingsense.com

3. Hollywood glamour

The cribs of the stars were there to impress and inspire the ones with a taste for the look of the fabulous and expensive star houses from Hollywood. The best of the classical colors were creative and beautiful, not exactly fashionable but very designer like and thus impressive by the power of association. The white and the beige ruled and it was a nice atmosphere to entertain friends into.

Source: homedit.com

4. Patterns

The furniture was so nice to play with and the patterns were a statement of style. Knowing it is easier to toy with furniture and create amazing patterns using the best of the colors and the most creative designs. Whether geometrical, British, lines or flowers, it was all accepted and applauded and fun to have around.

Source: thedecoratingdiva.com

5. Bold colors in the kitchen

Who said that only white can look sparkling and clean? Well, sure not the 2009 trends. Bold colors and daring color combination were a fact and it was very refreshing to break the monotony. Live colors like violet, cyan and red were quite into deco pop and created unique patterns and combination for a fun house. We really enjoyed this one.

Source: furniturestoreblog.com

6. Classy

Is Martha Stewart telling you anything? Oh well this style sounded like the fairytale house of the old grandma, but in the same time charming, light, omnipresent, enduring and easy to mix and match. Warm colors, cottage style carpets, warm atmosphere and flower pots were representing the classical family home with all its warm and cozy feeling of belonging.

Source: womansday.com

7. Outrageous

Maybe to much it was not enough even in decorating. Bold combinations and outrageous pattern were very much there so as surprising as it may seem this was quite something to toy with. Exotic, complicated, bold, unusual and much more than these, the decorating style defined as outrageous was so popular among the eccentrics of the world.

Source: charlesandhudson.com

8. Futuristic

Simple lines and grey metallic furniture, straight geometrics and Spartan furniture was also in trend. It was an adventure to change a house so much but since the future calls for drastic change, “green” furniture and marble floors, simplicity and order were the definition of this style that promises to remain a constant in the years to come.

Source: kabmurungraya.net

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