Romantic Bedroom Ideas with a Fairy Tale Feel

Your home should be a haven, a place utterly removed from the world and all of its stresses – and what could be further from gritty reality than a fairy tale? For romanticism, relaxation and beauty, fairy tale inspired bedrooms cannot be beaten. We doubt you have a magic mirror to turn to for tips on creating the fairest room of all, so let us be your fairy godmother and lend you a helping hand instead.


Paint, wallpaper or both can be used to create a fairy tale inspired colour palette. Pastel shades should be used throughout, and delicate, muted colours ought to be favoured. Avoid bright princess pinks and purples in favour of white walls with accessories in dusky pinks, peaches, mint greens and powdery blues. A feature wall can work well, either in a pastel tone or covered over with wallpaper in a dainty, floral design in colours which fit your theme.


Choose large yet delicately carved pieces painted in white to create a gentle yet elaborate refinement. Retailers such as Shackletons stock daintily carved yet sturdy pieces with a romantic, feminine appeal which are exquisitely suited to a fairy tale theme. As an extra touch, keep an eye out for a chaise longue with a high back outlined in gilt. Cover any furniture with softly textured throws and sheer fabrics, and wind fairy lights around your headboard and table legs. Look for pillows with floral or woodland images. Tulle canopies and four-poster beds piled high with cushions and bolsters create a decadent yet refined effect. Add a touch of whimsy with side tables made of carved stumps painted in white.


Give your windows the fairy tale treatment with either dramatic pastel coloured velvet or pale, lightweight sheers. For something a little different, take inspiration from the opulent gowns donned by evil queens everywhere and drape the windows with long velvet coverings that trail along the floor. Choose fabrics in crimson red, snowy white or royal blue and hang them from gilded golden rods to get the full decadent impact. For something a little more innocent, choose sheers in pastel pink or creamy white. These create a beautifully romantic effect in the morning, when the sunlight streams through the windows and dapples the floor. Layer them with cotton or linen curtains in a darker shade of blush pink, lilac purple or periwinkle blue to complete the look and add privacy, and use golden curtain tiebacks to hold them in place.


Sprinkle fairy tale design aspects throughout the room to complete the look. Start with a magic mirror, choosing a large, gilt-framed design. This will not only give the room an elegant feel, but also make it look bigger. Trim the mirror and headboard with small, white fairy lights to create an enchanting illumination. Be sure to incorporate elements of luxury, like faux fur throws or a chandelier light. Gold accents are also useful for adding a subtle ode to quality and refinement. Any fabrics should be delicately coloured and soft. Complete the look with glass accent pieces. Clear vases look stunning as they reflect the light, and you can fill them with flowers to perfume the room and add an extra touch of colour.

Now that you have the bedroom, all you need to do is find Prince Charming and your fairy tale will be complete!


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