Giving your Bedroom a Makeover

Your bedroom is the last place you see at the end of the day and the first view when you open your eyes each morning. Here are four ways to give your bedroom a makeover to create a personal haven.


Choose a paint color that is pleasing to you aesthetically, but also one that promotes rest and relaxation. Vibrant colors are less soothing than a more muted palette. Red has been shown to sow seeds of aggression and less restful sleep. If you want a spiritual sanctuary, a smoky purple can soothe your spirit and promote meditation. Stick with hues of blue, however, for reduced blood pressure and to help slow your heart rate for better sleep. Blues can also create a fresh feel so you wake renewed and ready for the morning.


Choose pieces that bring in hints of the wall color without sharing too many of the same tones. Calming landscapes can add to a Zen feel of the room. Avoid placing too many images of family members throughout your bedroom and stick to only photos of you and your partner in this particular space if you want to promote a sense of romance. Leave the family portraits to the more communal areas of your home.


This is where you spend a third of your day, assuming you’re getting the sleep you should be. Purchase bedding that is as comfortable as it is coordinating. Invest in at least one high quality set of sheets complete with a fitted piece, a flat sheet and pillow cases. Opt for a comforter that can easily be pulled up each morning so you can make your bed without a lot of fuss, making it more likely that it gets done. A fluffy white can offer a cloud-like getaway while matching most paint schemes, or choose a color or print that coordinates with the chosen wall color without being an exact match to keep zones from muddling together.


Choose only pieces of furniture that offer function in addition to looking good. If you don’t have a lot of extra space, opt for a small, sleek dresser or two that can double as side tables, offering twice the function. Place a vintage style tray atop to hold vanity necessities and jewelry to eliminate the chance of cluttering the surface.

Lighting and Accents

Take note of whether the lighting or other accents in your room are dated. Switch out lampshades for modern pieces and change out other lighting to match the new décor. Take inventory of accents such as faceplates to ensure they aren’t out-of-date or mismatched in the colors or metals chosen. Make your bedroom more than a place to sleep, but a place to replenish your soul. A few tweaks throughout will help you gain more rest and relaxation — and possibly more romance — than ever before.


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