7 Tips to Select Curtains for Small Rooms

Small rooms need a lot of improvisation and creativity to make them look bigger. There are many tips and ways to make a small room look larger.  One of the ways to do so is to select the right kind of a curtain. A curtain can totally change the look of a room and create an illusion of more space. The following are the best 7 tips to select curtains for small rooms:

tips to select curtains for small rooms

  1.  The first tip is to go for a class panel curtain.  The classic panel curtain can make any small space appear bigger than its actual size and can add to the overall look of the room.
  2.  Another tip to make a small room appear bigger is to buy lightweight curtains containing vertical stripes.  Vertical stripes also create an illusion of height and the ones that are lightweight will make the room appear airiness.  Moreover, if you choose a light shade for the curtains, then even in that case the room will look bigger.
  3.  Choosing the right type of curtain rods is also important. Make sure that you long solid and adjustable curtain rods which can prove helpful for creating spaciousness.  The combination of long elegant curtain rods with light colored curtains works wonderfully.
  4.  Mounting the curtain rods near the top angle of the room is yet another very useful tip for letting a small room appear bigger.  This gives an effect of added height and thus more space.
  5.  Another superb way to select curtains for small rooms is to choose one which is of the same color as that of the room. The same color will help in making the onlooker feel like there is a lot of space in the room.
  6.  Small rooms can get and cold and hot very easily and in summer, make sure you select those curtains that are not too heavy as they may make the small room hot very soon. Similarly, in winter months make sure you get heavy curtains to create a sense of warmth.
  7.  While selecting curtains for a small room make sure you go for brighter shades rather than dull shades. Dull shades can make the room appear darker and hence even smaller whereas brighter shades like pink, yellow, orange or green can make the room full of life and welcoming, inspite of being too small or congested.

Photo Credit By: curtainworks.com


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