Fun Ways to Decorate a Kids Room

As parents we must be aware of our kids’ requirements, and respect their likes and dislikes. To give them a sound and secure environment we often think of decorating and redecorating their rooms according to their style and individuality. This goes a long way and helps our kids to form an identity of their own.

Remember that their rooms are their own secure abode which they would not just like to be proud of but also flaunt. Here are some amazing tips as to how you can decorate your kids’ rooms to help them develop as an individual.
ways to decorate a kids room

A Bold Palette

This works for both toddlers as well as teenagers. Choosing a bold palette makes your kids’ room look fresher and gives it more depth. It also helps your kid feel good as moods are often symbolized by colors. Striking contrast colors used playfully all over the room can really make a difference to your kids’ rooms. However remember not to use only traditional gender based colors or colors that may hurt your eyes. Try using unconventional colors. If you want give it a little twist with different wallpapers which might help to incorporate that much needed contrast to the room.

Sophisticated Girly

If you have a little girl and you want her room to feel girly, then try and give it a sophisticated touch instead of being outright obvious. Try using patterns of butterflies and birds. Give it a dreamlike enchanted feeling, something right out of a fairy tale. If your girl is still a toddler then try giving it a look of her favorite fairy tale world.

Learning is Fun

Is your child in school? Is he in the second or the third grade? Is he learning about the Solar System? Then you have it all. Make his ceiling a virtual Solar System, hang painted ball from their respective orbits to give the effect of the planets around the sun painted in the middle of the ceiling. You do not need to worry anymore for him to remember the names of the planets in their respective orders.

Mix of Styles

Blending styles can work wonders in helping your child to grow up loving and later having fond memories of two completely different platforms of the same thing. For example you can blend in retro with space age or sci-fi, or rustic with minimalistic. This contrast can be fun as well as informative.

Rock n’ Roll with Black

If you have a teenager at home who is obsessed with black, then you need not worry. You can still brighten up his days by adding pops of bright colors here and there and give it a rock star feeling.


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