10 Home Decorating Tips for Using Thrift Store Finds

Home Decorating Tips for Using Thrift Store Finds

— How to spot amazing finds and create the perfect décor on a budget

Even Martha Stewart shops secondhand and sometimes finds the most amazing items for interior decorating, so why not you? But before you head out to do your shopping, take these home decorating tips for using thrift store products with you to ensure you have the best experience possible.

1. Be creative – repurpose!

One of the best ways to turn a thrift store find into an absolute treasure for your home is to be prepared to creatively repurpose something. Many times when shopping secondhand stores, you’ll find an item that’s cute or functional, but not quite right for your interior décor. But with a little ingenuity and creativity, you should be able to transform the find into something’s that’s perfect for your home.


For instance, you can turn an old shipping pallet into a coffee table by adding some legs and a nice coat of paint. Or repurpose an old window shutter into a mail organizer or photo display for your telephone area by cleaning it up and painting it to match your current color scheme. Or create a new headboard for your bed by refinishing and old door and turning it on its side.

Or create a towel holder by cleaning up an old simple ladder. The possibilities are endless – you just have to go into the thrift store with an eye for new and unconventional ideas.

2. Create new décor with old textiles

You may not be willing to consider sleeping in someone else’s old sheets, but what if you were to turn them into something new? For instance, old sheets can be made into new curtains. You can also transform old sweaters into covers for pillows.

And old curtains can be used to recover furniture for a new look to an aging chair or stool. You may also be able to use old T-shirts as stuffing for furnishings like a dog bed or throw pillows. Textiles can be made to stretch and form to a variety of pieces, making them idea finds for home décor projects.

3. Frames and pictures

Every home décor scheme needs wall hangings of various shapes and sizes depending on your desired look. Thrift stores are an amazing source for frames and pictures that you can mix and match to create interesting wall feature.

Choose frames that are similar size and proportions and then use a coat of paint to create a matching set. Or choose vastly different sizes and finishes to make an interesting juxtaposition of curious and wonderful frames and pictures.

4. Wicker baskets

A great way to decorate while organizing is to use wicker baskets and bins in closets and shelves to provider order to chaos. You can store things like books, socks and underwear, mittens and hats, shoes and slippers, electronic cords, old greeting cards and notes, and other files in a variety of rooms and spaces.

Thrift stores are a tremendous source of baskets and bins of all shapes and styles. Choose several and then use some secondhand fabric to line them to provide a uniform look and feel.

5. Look for quality


When shopping for this such as furniture and other more expensive items, it can be a good idea to look for quality. There are usually many good finds in a thrift store that are higher quality than even brand new items.

Solid wood furniture, for instance, which was popular in decades past, often finds its way into thrift stores, just waiting for you to find it. This is especially true for things like tables and chairs. And though pieces are often in need of repair, the good quality items are worth the effort.

6. Keep your eye out for antiques


If you know anything about the value of old pieces, then you’ll know that every once in awhile you’ll come across an amazing and highly valuable find at thrift stores.

Pieces like rare china or antique furniture or signed copies of magazines are all collector’s items and definitely worth your time in the end. Just have an eye out for some of these types of things and take them home if you’re in doubt! You never know what will make you rich.

7. Know your prices

It’s a good idea to have some sense as to what things are worth when you’re shopping thrift stores to avoid being gouged by an overpriced piece of china or a costly set of towels. By knowing the prices and being a savvy shopper, you’ll be able to spot real bargains and know when to shop elsewhere.

8. Take along tools

When decorating for your home, size often matters! It’s a great idea to jot down the measurements for the table you’re looking for or have a sense as to the color of the drapes you want to buy using a snippet of fabric.

Put it all into a little notebook and take that along with a pen/pencil and a tape measure whenever you shop the thrift stores. That way you can measure twice and buy once to ensure you get just the right item.

9. Be patient


Shopping at secondhand stores and thrift shops can take a great deal of fortitude. Unlike conventional shops where everything is organized and coordinated, secondhand stores are often disorganized and a jumble of different types of products mixed together.

That means it can take a lot of time to sort through the good and the bad to find the gems. So go to thrift stores with a positive state of mind and a willingness to push through the fodder to find the gems.

10. Repeat visits are necessary

Going often to thrift stores is also important if you want to find what you’re looking for. The turnover rate at secondhand stores is often very high, meaning there are new and unique items arriving on the store floor every single day.

Fail to go to the store often and you could be missing out on the find of a lifetime! So shop often and at different times of day to get the best results.

Just keep these home decorating tips to use second-hand and drift products in mind and you are on your way to creating an amazing decor on a surprisingly low budget.

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