15 Creative and Modern Staircase Designs

It may not lead to heaven but if you design your staircase with some creative thought it can look the part!

A custom built staircase is only limited by the designer’s imagination, and can make use of a wide variety of materials to produce what are often strikingly original forms.

Most of us probably take our staircase for granted and think of it as a simple way to ascend or descend between floors. Stairs usually take center stage at the entrance to our home, so we walk you through the wide range of staircase styles and trends to optimize their performance.

Here are few tips while choosing the right stairs design:

  • Style– match your staircase to the style of home
  • Needs– do you need storage underneath
  • Natural home lighting – staircases can be dark so strategically position windows
  • Flooring surface – match your floor with your stairs
  • Safety – what are the capabilities of the homeowners eg children/elderly
  • Avoid tripping points– differ surfaces on entering and exiting so your body visualizes and feels the change

Here are the 15 most Creative and Modern Staircases Designs.

Storage Stairs:

storage stairs

This modern staircase from London-based Levitate Architects comes even more fascinating than what we’ve seen earlier. So you want something that will help you get organized similar to the Storage In Stairs, but you find yourself too squashed by your massive book collection to move around your house. The Spacesaver Staircase Library merges the two issues, creating one solution.

staircase design

staircase design

Here is another storage staircase. If you’re having some stairs constructed why not consider this. Handy and hidden, a great storage idea for linen, winter woollies, books and papers, anything small in fact.

storage staircase

Alternating Treated Stairs:

staircase designs

staircase designs

Floating Staircase

staircases design

staircases design

Retractable Staircase:

modern staircases

Crooked Stairs:

stairs designs

Glass Stairs:

stair cases

XXS House:

stair designs

stairs design

Some More Interesting Staircase Designs:

staircase designs

staircases designs

staircase design ideas

This modern Storey staircase by Europa Stairways, could update any decor, adding a fresh twist to a standard staircase design. This unique, high quality model is composed of the finest materials available and has been constructed using exquisite craftsmanship.

staircase design

                       Staircase Design by Albini and Fontanot

modern staircases

staircase designs


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