What Makes the Calabasas Real Estate Market Unique?

Calabasas recently surpassed Beverly Hills as the richest city in the United States. However, it is unique in many other respects, including its real estate market. And it isn’t just because “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” was filmed here for more than fifteen years.

The Small Size

Calabasas is home to roughly 24,000 people. This makes it a small town relative to other Los Angeles suburbs. There isn’t as much upscale shopping or wild partying like you’d find in downtown LA, but many choose to live here for the more normal atmosphere. It is certainly more family-friendly. It has an excellent Las Virgenes school district and very low crime rates. This contributes to the very different lifestyles despite the similar levels of wealth. This is also despite the fact that Calabasas and Beverley Hills are only twenty miles apart. Just know that you’ll face an hour and a half commute to downtown LA from this area.

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The Green Space

Calabasas enjoys a lot of open space. The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and Malibu State Park are located to the southwest of the city. These parks are all that separates Calabasas from the Pacific shore. Cheeseboro and Palo Comado Canyon are northwest of the city. Summit Valley Park borders the western side of the city. Ventura Freeway passes along the northern edge of the town, giving you access to the rest of the LA area. While this limits the city’s ability to grow, it also provides a rural feel to the community. For example, these wilderness reserves separate Calabasas from Oak Park and Agoura Hills. That means you may be able to hear owls and coyotes at night in Calabasas. The beaches in Zuma and Malibu are also rather convenient.


The Hidden Hills subdivision that borders Calabasas is dominated by spacious estates and building limits that result in each home costing several million dollars. The average home in the Calabasas real estate market costs around 1.2 million. Calabasas does have a strong luxury real estate market. The most expensive homes are found in the Estate at the Oaks, a gated community inside another gated community. The most expensive homes there were listed for more than thirty million dollars.

Consult with a Calabasas real estate agent to find a property that suits your tastes, no matter what price range you’re looking at. You’ll require expert advice to find one of the few luxury properties on the market in this community. You might want to talk to a real estate agent to find one of the more affordable properties in this area, too, like two- and three-bedroom modern homes that cost less than a million dollars. You might find a townhome for around half a million dollars, which is in line with the average home price in Los Angeles.


Calabasas is up in the mountains. This makes it ten to fifteen degrees warmer in the summer and five to ten degrees cooler in the winter. The rest of the LA basis is more temperate. The difference is even greater between Calabasas and towns like Malibu that have their temperature moderated by the water. However, Calabasas is great for those who hate high humidity.


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