30 Modern Sofa Designs To Spice Up Your Living Room

The concept involving the usual modern sofa designs have been changed over the years from the one of strict furniture to the delightful way of surprising guests and decorate a room.

The couch has been twisted and turned, forced into a spectacular evolution, creating the original way of interpreting the most common piece of furniture so it will amaze at the first sight.

Here are 30 modern sofa designs both unusual and completely ready to redefine the concept of modern sofa.

1. Morfeo

This is one of the amazing sofa designs made with polyurethane resin and has an elastic fabric covering. It features head lamps on both sides and a fold out bed complete with mattress. The lamps on the sides are adjustable and great for reading.


Designer Site: domodinamica

2. Abaco Loveseat

This ultra modern leather loveseat is made by Italian designers and with Italian leather. The Abaco has height adjustable headrests  and seats one or two people. This piece would look good anywhere.


Designer Site: eroomservice

3. Air Lounge System

The Air Lounge System is a single piece sofa. The frame is made from a steel plate which has been molded into the desired form. The whole thing is then covered entirely with polyurethane foam. There are straps attached to the basic structure which contributes to the suspension of the seating.

Air Lounge System

Designer Site: meritalia

4. Bruhl Sofa

Delicate and urban chic, this is one of the sofa designs that sure has the elegance factor included in its creation. The completely electric candy color, the elegant lines and delicate side curves, this day bed is not only modern but also harmoniously comfortable.

Designed to complement a monochromatic room, the Mosspink is so cute with its blunted sides that you would want to put it anywhere.


5. E-turn Sofa

The e-Turn sofa design, manufactured by Kundalini is made from a lacquered fiberglass. It is one piece of twisting, turning, never ending sofa.

This sofa can be sat on, but it is more functional as a conversation piece in a contemporary office building.


Designer Site:brodieneill

6. Ludus

The Ludus is an innovative design that shows that comfort does not have to be ugly. It also shows how to make use of available space with the modular shelving system that runs along the back of it. It has 3 cushions.

One of the cushions is a seat part, one is a back and one is a corner back. It has a simple yet elegant design that would be a perfect fit for any décor. You can even arrange the cushions into a bed.


Designer Site: mobilia-collection

7. Infinity Shaped Sofa

The Infinity Sofa was created by Emmanuel Laffon de Mazieres, a French designer. It was quite obviously an inspiration derived from the symbol for infinity. When viewed from above, it resembles nothing so much as the number 8.


Designer Site:toxel

8. Scuba

If you are into the nautical style, take a look at Scuba. This sofa design was fashioned to resemble a manta ray. The sides sweep downward and the support is in slope in the center of the sofa.


Designer Site: domodinamica

9. Punching Bag Sofa

How many of you have ever wanted a punching bag in your living room?  Now you can have one…and attached to your sofa at that!  The Champ is a sofa that has a punching bag as the back rest.

When you feel that need to let out some energy or aggression, simply lift the back and have at it!


Designer Site: alltechnoblog

10. Plupp

There is almost a high-tech awesomeness to the Plupp sofa. The back and armrests are removable and can be placed in any one of the 20 docks that are made for them.

You will never get tired of having the ‘same old sofa’ with this because you will always be able to create a fresh new look for it simply by changing up the placement of the arms and back.


Designer Sofa: bruehl

11. Sofa One

Sofa One is an interesting sofa design because it can be converted to a chaise lounge by opening up either the right side or the left.

It also has a built in shelf for storing books, magazines or anything else. Not only is this sofa functional and unique, it is also quite tasteful.


Designer Site: plushpod

12. Swimming Pool Sofa

As awesomely cool as this design for a couch is, unfortunately it is not in production yet. If it does make it to production though, you might find these popping up all over.


Designer Site: eternallycool

13. Skl Lounge

The ski lounge is the brain child of Brodie Neill. It is an eye catching piece of furniture that is both bold and practical. The materials used in the construction of this sofa designs are upholstery, plywood and stainless steel.

The seating area in this is called the comfort zone and has a red interior. The rest of the body is painted white and is extended to be used as an end table.

The legs are made from brushed stainless steel and add that touch of class to an otherwise funky piece.


Designer Site: brodieneill

14. Millipede Sofa

Haldane Martin created the Millipede sofa. This sofa was created using green materials and a clean process. Haldane Martin is based in South Africa and tries to stay true to the indigenous designs of Africa while using the materials found in Africa.


Designer Site: designboom

15.  Acceleration Sofa

This sofa by Phillip Grass, a designer from Copenhagen, is called the Acceleration Sofa. Each end of the sofa design is supported by what resembles the exhaust pipes on a jet engine. It has a sleek aerodynamic design also.


16. L Shapes Sofa

The L Shaped sofa is very flexible. It is also very versatile. Aside from its obvious use as a sofa, this innovative piece of furniture has also got both a chair and a daybed.

There was some debate in the design phase about the types of foam to use for this sofa.

A lot of them were put to the test. It was finally decided that soft foam would be used in the backrests. It was also decided that hard foam was to be put to use in the seat. This sofa is also known as the Twisted sofa. It was designed by Synthetix.


Designer Site: neastudio

17. Hunting Lines

This is a new chaise lounge called Hunting Lines. In black and a dark yellow, this sofa design is sure to draw the eyes and attention of anyone who sees it.


Designer Site: besthousedesign

18. Home Sweet Home Sofa

The Home Sweet Home sofa is not your normal sofa. It is enclosed from top to bottom and to sit on it, you literally have to sit in it.

This is one of the coolest looking sofa designs on the market and would go well in a contemporary setting. The leather covered polyurethane foam upholstery will hold up well with children too.


19. Modern Sofa

This interesting looking sofa is constructed with two heat formed planks as the base. There are such materials used in this sofa as aircraft cables, nautical fasteners, metal holds and leather cushions.


Designer Site: martaa

20. Nautilus Sofa

This sofa is named the Nautilus. It took its name and design from the wonders of the sea and all that can be found there.


Designer Site: http: furniturestore

21. Skin Sofa

Jean Nouve designed this sofa. Jean is an architect from France. It is one of the simplistic sofa designs.

The frame is made from tubular steel and the cover is made from leather that has had geometric designs cut out of it. All in all, not a bad look and would go well in an office.


22. Sun Rise Sofa

This sofa is called Sun Rise. It is a large sectional with movable head and back rests. The price is available by request through the manufacturer.


Designer Site: stylepark

23. Orange and Black Sofa

Have you ever wished that you could combine a sofa with a coffee table?  Apparently someone has and the result was this Orange-n-Black sofa.

Here you have a fusion of not just a coffee table and sofa, but an end table as well.  Contemporary in design, it truly has the look of three living room pieces in one.


Designer Site: furniturestore

24. Panther

The Panther is an aptly named sofa. Panthers are known for being quiet. The Panther sofa is lined with sound proofing foam. This pyramid shaped material actually might be quite comfortable to sit on.


Designer Site: dezeen

25. Ruche

The Ruche is a sofa designed by Inga Sempe for the company Ligne Roset. The design for this sofa is ultra simple. Inga took a wooden frame and draped a quilted cover over the whole thing.


Designer Site: dezeen

26. Slash Sofa

This sofa called Slash is made from tubular steel and blocks of upholstery. By rearranging the blocks, you can change it into a bed.


Designer Site: dezeen

27. Sofa

You know how annoying it is when you are sitting in your living room at night watching television with the lights on and there is a glare from the lights on the set?

A Japanese designer has come up with a solution for that in the creation of an acrylic sofa that has lights built right into it. This has the great effect of adding ambient light to any room.


28. Cyluxe

One of the unique sofa designs, this Cyluxe sofa has been fully fashioned from foam logs. Talk about a sofa that looks like it has some serious comfort zones and you may as well be talking about the Cyluxe!


Designer Site: bedzine

29. Orgy Modern Sofa

The Orgy is actually a very interesting piece. The sofa design itself is rounded and comes with a matching ottoman that can fit directly into the sofa creating more space.

It was created by Karim Rashid and OFFECCT. It is one of the modern sofa designs that has a Scandinavian style.


Designer Site: furniturestore

30. Pleats

Ok, this one is called Pleats and was designed by Daniel Hedner at Imaginary Office. It has a frame made of steel and a woven body made of polyurethane foam. This might be a good sofa design for a terrace or patio.


Designer Site: yankodesign

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