6 Rules of Interior Decoration

There are no hard and fast “rules” of interior decoration and design. Design your home in your way so that the rooms may look beautiful and aesthetic. This is not a list of rules but you can say that this is a list of principles to be kept in mind while designing the interiors of your home.

1. Mingle the textures

Mingle the textures and materials for a contemporary yet traditional look and feel. Use rugs and accent cushions in your living room. A mix of wood and metal for the material of your furniture enhances the décor to a great extent. Your interior decor reflects your individuality, uniqueness, your passions and interests. Mix the old with the new, modern with old-fashioned, by assembling them skillfully, interlinked by theme or interiors.

2. Layered lighting of the room

Layered lighting makes the room seem mysterious and multi-dimensional. Do not just limit yourself to overhead lighting. Table lamps, dim bulbs and lamps with designer shades boost the décor of the room and lend an essence of enigma to the room. Use bulbs of different shades, especially the not so common ones, like blue or pale orange, to make your room look unique and beautiful when lit up.

6 Rules of Interior Decoration

3. Accessorize the rooms

An antiquely designed bowl filled with water and fresh flowers floating on top, kept at the center of the coffee table in your living room adds a quirky touch to the essence of the room. Small vases filled with clean, synthetic flowers can also be used to accessorize the dining table. However, we tend to create a clutter of accessories. Make sure that you keep the quirky accessories simple yet bold enough to make a statement.

Accessorize your room as well, with rugs, cute night lamps, posters of your favorite star, and joined family photographs on the wall. Accessorize in whichever random fashion you like, however symmetry is always preferred.

4. Accurate measurement of dimensions

Make sure that the bed you buy will fit into your room and leave space for moving about. It is advised by professional interior decorators to measure twice before buying once and for all. Space management is a very important aspect of interior decoration. Make a mental map for the bigger items of furniture that you buy, like bed, sofa, large cupboards etc. Do not litter your room with useless furniture and accessories.

5. Drape the glass-paned windows

The windows can either present a terrible view or a beautiful one. For the latter, use long curtains that reach down to the floor, to cover the windows and prevent getting entangled mid-way. If the window view makes you sick, use opaque curtains of suitable color that will barricade the entering sunlight in summer and cut off the view as well. Accessorize the window with a wind-chime and a Venetian blind to let in the sunrays in a slanted fashion so that the room gets filled with natural light without getting heated up.

6. Do not forget the ceiling

If the room is high and narrow, make sure that the walls and the ceiling are of the same color, or perhaps a darker shade for the ceiling to make it appear at a lower height than it actually is. If the ceiling is low, then it should be painted with shades paler than the paint of the walls to make the room seem softly lit. For slanted ceilings, use a wallpaper of your choice.


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