Tricks to Make your Ceiling Appear Higher

Feeling claustrophobic in your own house? The low lying ceilings, which is quite commonly seen nowadays in flats and apartments make you feel cramped under and also make your rooms look smaller than they actually are. Now is the time to bring about a change in this with the help of a few basic techniques. Higher ceilings make your room look bigger and more spacious. They further add openness to the house that allows you to live freely without feeling restricted in your own personal space. Here are a few tips to make low-ceilings look higher:

Light shades for ceilings

Light shades for ceilings

Use light shades of color to paint the ceiling. Either white or pastel color shades shall do just fine. They make the ceilings appear higher and add the idea of more space to the room.

Special effects on the paint

You can choose from either the semi-gloss effect or the matte finish for the ceiling according to your needs. While the former reflects light which visibly adds height to the room, the latter can be used to blend the blemishes in the ceiling thus, serving the same purpose.

Side walls with vertical patterns

For the side walls, use vertical patterns of paint to give rise to a sense of increased height to the rooms. You can also use wallpapers of similar patterns to make the room look taller.

Furniture choice

Furnishing the room with either vertically tall or horizontally low profile furniture shall also promote the sense of higher ceilings. It emphasizes the distance between the floor and the top.

Simplistic touches

Keep the ceilings as plain as possible as things protruding from the top like a fan, lights, etc. tend to bring the ceiling closer to the floor. Try and blur the joining line between the side walls and the ceiling in order to not highlight the low height. Using smaller trims can help in serving this purpose.

Avoid ceiling lights

Wall lights are more advisable than the ceiling lights as they emphasize the length of the walls, thus making the ceiling look taller.  However, you should note that the lights are evenly placed in order to avoid the negative effect of the settings.

High end draperies

Put up draperies as high to the ceiling as possible to attract attention to the drapery rod, thereby focusing on the increased height.

Tall decorative items

Lastly, decorating the rooms with tall vases filled with taller grass and flower sticks also contributes to making the ceiling look higher.

Employing only a few or even all of these simple tricks will definitely solve your purpose and thereby help your ceiling soar to newer heights, quite literally!


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