Top 10 Kitchen Design Mistakes

lot of people think that they can’t make mistakes regarding the design of their homes. In order to avoid the top 10 kitchen design mistakes you should know what to keep an eye out for.

1. The triangle

The triangle

The triangle of the kitchen is made of the stove, fridge, and the sink. Make sure that there are no obstructions in your way. For this you might have to move the plumbing.

2. Storage space

Storage space

In case you are looking for the most common 10 kitchen design mistakes you should know that in many cases people waste valuable space. You could use this space by adding shelves or cabinets to the walls.

3. The counter top

The counter top

When it comes to the top 10 kitchen design mistakes you have to remember that you have a lot of useful space on the counter top as well. You can have more space by adding an island or a breakfast bar.

4. Lighting


It is a must to have enough light in order to avoid the 10 most common design mistakes of the kitchen. This isn’t only about design; don’t forget that in the kitchen you have to handle sharp tools.

5. Backsplash

Many people think that the backsplash isn’t that important, but this could become one of the top 10 kitchen design mistakes. Having the right backsplash can save you a lot of time and effort on the long run.

6. Ventilation


It is unavoidable to have the smell of food in the question. However, in order to avoid the 10 design mistakes of the kitchen that are the most frequent, make sure that you have good ventilation so that the smell of yesterdays’ supper won’t linger in the air for days.

7. Kitchen island

Kitchen island

In case you are thinking about the kitchen island, take into consideration storage space and serving and preparation space. It is best to have an island at least 4 feet long and over 2 feet deep.

8. Recyclables

In order to manage your trash efficiently, you have to make sure that you have sorting bins. This way it will become easier to have a truly green kitchen.

9. Too trendy

You might think that there’s no such thing as too trendy. However, it might not be the best decision to choose the latest cabinet designs or appliances.

10. Professionals

You make one of the top 10 kitchen design mistakes if you don’t allow professionals to help you with your work.


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