Home Theater Decor Design – Make Your Media Room Look Awesome

If you decide to sacrifice precious space in your home to get a home theater most probably you will be interested in home theater décor design.

Basically the design that you should have depends on your personality and the purpose of the room.

Home Theater Decor Design – Make Your Media Room Look Awesome

The cinema feeling

If you would like to feel like you are at a cinema or you just want to watch a game with your friends, consider having rows of seating. The walls should have a bright color with some darker accents for the contrast. Having a bar and some high chairs is also a really good idea.

Family time

It is possible that you are looking for décor designs for your home theater that allow you to have those near and dear close to you. In this case think about having a large sofa and a coffee table in the middle. Opt for the warm color palette, such as browns to make the room more welcoming.


Those who have a lot of space, regarding the home theater décor design, should get a sofa as long as the room and have 2-3 ottomans in front of it so that they will be able to put their drinks somewhere. Again the color scheme should be a warm one, but you could add some modern touches as well.

Special feeling

When looking for more special décor ideas for your home theater think about painting the walls black and getting black rugs. In fact everything should be black except for the sofa that is supposed to be red. One of the walls may also have some white stripes so that you won’t feel like you are trapped in a dark place.

Bright and cozy

You could think of the home theater décor design like the design of a living room that comes with a large TV. Have in your home theater a fireplace, a large sofa, a coffee table and even family photos so that the entire room will have a warmer feeling. Add some magazines to entertain yourself until the movie begins.

The real deal

In case you are looking for ideas for home theater décor that will make your feel like you are at the cinema, consider decorating the room with the posters of the movies that you like.

Remember to choose the home theater décor design that feels the most appropriate for you so your home cinema experience will be truly awesome.


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