Cool Urban Loft Interior Design Ideas

Living in a loft is really comfortable, but you have to do your best to make sure that the place has a modern feel to fit the legendary urban look such places are famous for.

The urban loft interior design ideas could help you with this. Think about the ductwork, the furnishing, floors, window treatments, storage and the place for entertainment.

Cool Urban Loft Interior Design Ideas

The furnishings

In order to achieve the best look you should have modern and minimalistic furnishing. The main point is to have clean lines and few decorative elements. You should have simple forms so that there will be a lot of room for you to walk around to make the best of the space that you have.


If you are thinking about ideas for the design of an urban loft interior, you should really consider leaving the ductwork exposed. Usually the lofts have an industrial feel and to make the best of it you should paint the ductwork brown or black or leave them with their metallic color.

Bare floors

The majority of the urban loft interior design ideas involve leaving the elements unfinished. In case of the flooring this means that you should have bare floors. However you should add a concrete stain and a patina of color. In the same time it is also common to see hardwood flooring that also works for the lofts of this kind.

Window treatments

When it comes to the tips for urban loft interior design you should know that it is best to have simple window treatments. It may be a good idea to go for sheer blinds or sheer fabric. If you happen to have tall windows you could have motorized treatments that can be remotely controlled.


Since the space of the loft is open, you might have some problems with storing items. The urban loft interior design ideas tell you that you should have storage that isn’t too high or that is right near the walls. Consider getting multifunctional items, such as the multifunctional ottomans that double as storage space.

Open kitchen

In order to make the best of the tips for interior design of the urban loft you should leave the side of the kitchen open towards the dining room and the living room. This way you will be able to entertain the guests even while you are cooking or preparing drinks.

The main point of the urban loft interior design ideas is to leave some space open and indulge in city inspired details while adding a personalized touch to the whole ensemble.


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