Closet Design Ideas for Kids

The parents thinking about closet design ideas for kids should know that often the needs of kids are different from the needs of adults. This is why it is best to discuss the matter with the little one before you come up with a design that he or she might or might not like.

Closet Design Ideas for Kids

Homework area

In case you don’t have a lot of space to work with, make sure that you use every available inch wisely. For instance, you could have a homework area right in the middle of the closet. This means that on both sides there are gliding doors that cover the closet, while in the middle there is a desk for the child to work at.

Walk in closet

The people looking for luxury regarding the kids’ closet design ideas should consider a walk in closet that comes with wood satin lacquer finish. The best thing about it is that every inch is well used by the drawers, pull out shelving and the glass dividers.

Clothing rods

It is a good idea to have two rods so that the little ones will have enough space to store their clothes. It is best to use some dividers and some baskets to store the smaller items. The baskets will make sure that all the similar items can be found in the same place.

Practical and girly

You don’t really need doors. Keep this in mind regarding the tips for kids’ closet design. You may use a floor to ceiling drape that will add a girly touch to the space. In one side of the closet she can get dressed up; and on the other side, there could be a dresser to store the smaller items.

Cabinet system

When thinking about the closet design ideas for kids, you might want to use some darker colors that add a touch of elegance to the closet. If you have only little space to work with, it might be a good idea to use an open cabinet system. Have vertical rods that are practical and that give a boutique look to the closet.

Variety of storage

Sometimes it isn’t enough to have rods and drawers when it comes to the closet design ideas for kids. It is important to give children the possibility to use different kinds of storage, including baskets.


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