5 Amazing Offices You Wished You Worked In

When you think of an office, thoughts often turn to drab buildings with grey carpets and beige walls. Hardly inspiring for a week of working hard and getting on with your work.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

In fact, some companies have made it their mission to banish the fluorescent lighting strips and dusty grey blinds and create something that inspires; something that makes people want to come to work.

Here’s our list of some the weirdest office buildings in Britain today. Seen an office that’s even weirder? Let us know in the comments below.

google, london

1.Google, London

In mid-2012, US search giant Google opened a huge new office space in the Central Saint Giles development near Tottenham Court Road in London.

This quirky 160,000 square foot office includes a ‘Granny Flat’ area complete with rocking chairs and vintage furnishings, boardrooms with padded walls, walls covered in Union Jacks, and even a rooftop allotment space for employees to grow their own vegetables.

2. Red Bull, London

Redbull, the global energy drinks manufacturer and sponsor of all things exciting, has a 1,860 square foot office in the heart of London’s creative Soho district.

Inside the building, staff are greeted by a three-storey video wall, displaying sport and news. Getting downstairs is easy too; staff can choose the traditional lift, or for those with a sense of fun, there’s a giant slide to travel to lower floors; each containing floating platforms, meeting rooms with ping pong tables and more.

3. Mother, London

Mother, an advertising agency in London, has a 42,000 square foot office in Shoreditch with one very key feature; its desk. Not just any desk, this is a huge, 250-foot long concrete table. It’s so big that the whole company sits and works around it. It also stretches around the building, later finishing up as a staircase to other floors.

The office also contains other meeting rooms (one of which doubles up as a tuck shop), a locker room, vintage chandeliers in boardrooms, a wall lined with old picture frames, and an old church-like organ.

4. Innocent, London.

Innocent’s London HQ lies within the Canal Building at Portobello Dock. Featuring fake grass, bunting, red vintage phone boxes, picnic benches and more, the offices reflect Innocent’s personality through and through.

5. Macquarie Bank, London

A banking company with a difference, Macquarie Bank’s offices are located at Ropemaker Place in London. A 200,000 square foot office spread over six floors, the building is a startling mix of openness and privacy.

The striking LED-filled red staircase sits in the centre of the building, allowing staff to access any of the colourful meeting pods that sit across the six floors. The building’s angular look and feel works its way into meeting rooms, reception, and even the bathrooms.

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