Make Your Living Room Family Friendly for Better Family Time

If you have kids, this is one of the most important factors that you have to take into consideration when creating the design for the living room.

Most probably this will be the place where you will have some family time, and so it needs to be child friendly.

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To Create a cozy room, one of the best color schemes to choose is neutrals. Naturally it doesn’t mean that it has to get boring, and so you should add some pops of color of turquoise and red. This way you can create a relaxed room with a warm vibe.

Make sections

In order to make sure that the kids have their own space in the living room, you could create a room within a room. For this you could get a leather sectional that would limit your part of the room from the kids’ part. On the other side you could have some toys for the children.

Warm and Inviting

To make a living room cozy, you could have some yellow curtains on the windows. This color matches well the cream shades, and so you could have the sofa and the rug in this color. The advantage is that you will achieve a bright room that people like spending time in.

Typographic look

If you are looking for a simple yet eye-catching design, one of the ideas you could use is to have simple printed letters in frames.

Keep in mind that you don’t need a lot of colors, so the letters should be part of the general color scheme of the room.

Cheer up

It is known that the colors could make a room brighter and that they could get you in a better mood.

As an example you could get a rug with floral patterns, and the same pattern could also be present for the pillows and the curtains. The good thing about the design is that it is very youthful, so kids will enjoy it.


Kids like rooms that don’t represent a threat for them to break something. In order to achieve this you could have some large pillows on the floor for people to sit on. These cannot be broken and they also offer extra space for people to sit. Naturally besides this you will also need a couch and it is best if they have colors from the same color scheme.


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