Make Your Living Room Tell a Story of Design

The main purpose of the living room is to offer a cozy place for the family and friends to get together and spend a wonderful time.

This room is supposed to be the center of the home and so people should focus on it more than on the other rooms. I might say that this is the soul of the home.

Although you could buy some pieces of furniture that you like, and put them together, you might also choose a theme for it, and pick the items accordingly.

Living Room Decortaion

For example you might go with the Asian design. There are some items that would scream this kind of style, while others have a more subtle effect, such as white and blue porcelain wares, brass sculptures, tatami mates, bamboo shades, and the gold color.

This kind of style can be suitable for both small and large rooms, and it can be perfect in case you are living alone or have a small family.

The contemporary style is also worth to be taken under consideration. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to change the style as the seasons change, and the items are easy to find.

You could combine the industrial elements and the urban surroundings with some bold orange hues and naturally, white accents. Some designers, like Pangaea, have abandoned the floors and walls, allowing the concrete to be seen. This kind of design might not be the best in case you have children. For them the style is just too rough and harsh.

There is nothing that says cottage style more explicitly than a large fireplace. In case you would like to have a cozy and warm room, you might opt for bright pastel colors with little accessories. These should also have a bright hue to match the rest of the room.

If the style is just perfect for a love nest or for the home of retired people, active persons might not like it. Even more, because of the fireplace, it is more than dangerous for little children, so if you go for this style make sure you make the area safe for them.

Another really popular style is the country style. The most specific elements of it include the rich and vibrant hues and also the dark wood furnishings. All these offer a warm feeling to the room.

The bold colors of the furnishings might be toned down by the color of the walls, for example by a pale yellow wall. Another specific element of this style is the floral pattern. A rustic living room might be just perfect for a big family, with children, or for retired people, but it doesn’t really seem right for an uptown home.

An eclectic style might also be used in case you don’t mind to be a little different. In this case the major role doesn’t belong to the fireplace, but to the framed prints. All these together make a bold statement and they offer a casual look with a rustic edge to it. Although the style looks good, there are only few people for whom this might work out, especially for those who are living alone.


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