Creative Flower Arrangements For Your Living Room

Having beautiful fragrant flowers arranged in exquisite ways in your living room will not only make your living space special and welcoming, but will also add color to an otherwise normal boring dull room.

Remember, there are several varieties of flowers to choose from, and they need not all be live and colorful.

For instance, you can choose silk flowers or artificial flowers for your arrangements, or on the other hand you could try using dry flowers, or a combination of dry flowers and silk flowers.

You could choose fresh flowers as well, and I personally would prefer using these because they give off a fresh fragrance, and they are so very colorful that you cannot help but smile when you look at them, and when you take the trouble to arrange them carefully, you will then bring great happiness into your home for sure.

For the best and most exquisite flower arrangement in your living room, you could opt for any of these ideas:

  • Place fresh flowers in a beautiful vase. Keep the vase as the centerpiece of the table in your living room.
  • On the other hand, you could fill an urn or a lovely crystal bowl with fresh sparkling water, and float a few petals of fresh flowers in them. You could even place a few colorful candles amongst them for effect, and when you light the candles at night, you can just imagine the ambience you would have created…!These are known as ‘floating flower arrangements’, and if you want to have a gorgeous floating flower arrangement in your living room as the centerpiece, you would need three to four vases, of descending shapes, and exquisite flowers like roses and freesias.
  • If you prefer a rather large flower arrangement for your living room, you could choose the Japanese style of arrangement: Rikka, Nageire, and Shoka. The Rikka involves using three strong sturdy stems as the base for the flower arrangement.Arrange your flowers, like orchids, around these stems, and make sure that there is a lot of space and dimension in the arrangement. The Nageire on the other hand involves using three branches coming out of the vase as a single unit. You would need a rather tall container for making this arrangement, and plenty of space in which to display it for your viewers. The Shoka uses three branches, on which the flowers are bound with special holders. The effect would be almost like the famed Japanese water colors we have always admired.

Remember, man has been using flower arrangements from time immemorial, and at every occasion. When you keep a piece of Mother Nature at home with you, it will bring you great peace and tranquility; after all, we are all a part of the amazing creations of Nature.


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