Creating a Contemporary Living Room Design for Less

As the part of the home that sees most family activity and is the focal point when guests are visiting, it’s little wonder that the living room tends to be re-decorated more frequently than any other area of the home.

Many homeowners tend to play it safe with their living room interior, with creams or whites – since little can go wrong with such an approach. But if you wish to try something more adventurous, more contemporary, then doing so need not cost the Earth.

Indeed, there is much the DIY enthusiast can do to bring down the cost of a truly modern living room.

There are almost limitless sources of inspiration when it comes to a modern, boundary pushing living room space. You should collate as many of these as you can before you settle on a final design. This way, you will be able to draw on a rich selection of sources, and then mix and match the features you like to create your own unique style.

From magazines to interior design TV shows, from cult films to couch show rooms – inspiration lies everywhere. A lot of these designs may look rather expensive to create, but if you are prepared to do a little leg work, you can get the contemporary look you want for less than you might think.

Go Japanese

You may go for a minimalist approach to your living room, perhaps drawing on Japanese designs for inspiration. Why not try pale greys or taupes on the walls, then find some subtle oriental fabric with which to cover your sofa.

To lift the subtle colour palette, why not go to your local fabric store and find some discounted off-cuts. These can be used to cover your cushions and add some exciting detail to the room – especially if you go for some brighter colours or designs.

The futuristic look

There is much you can do to create a forward looking, slightly futuristic look in your living room. Go for pale blues and greys on the walls, then why not create your own screen from MDF section. You can add some silver leaf squares to these panels, which are great for hiding clutter at short notice.

In addition, you can modify the door furniture of the room by investing in a chic, modern silver door handle, for example like those from Ironmongery Direct. Why not add to these silvery touches by painting a coffee table silver?

There are so many directions you can take your living room interior design, so why not get adventurous and spend some time looking for inspiration. The result is sure to be far more exciting than those creams and whites!


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