Refurbishing Your Bathroom for summer

The best time to refurbish your bathroom is summer and stores abound with new accessories and décor items to choose from. Here are 10 ways to refurbish your bathroom for summer:

digital showers


Custom showers are more of a summer trend than bath tubs. And this year bathroom showers are undergoing a sea change with the introduction of high tech showers.

Digital showers from Mira Showersare one such example. They allow you to control the water temperature through preset programs. They come in hand held and rain shower models as well. Summer is the right time to choose rain shower heads.


From iPhone docks to televisions, bathrooms are integrating with the electronic media to give whole new smart rooms this summer.

Summer is vacation time and the right time to invest in these gadgets as you will have plenty of time to enjoy them too! During other seasons, bath time could be the best time to catch up on news, entertainment and some work as well.


Use of complementary and relaxing shades is the current trend in bathroom renovation. Bringing sunny shades into the bathroom could mean bringing the outdoors in. Yellows, greens and blues are the most trending shades this summer with their combinations working very well to create rock chic bathrooms.


In this section the trend is chrome and matte finish as opposed to the erstwhile satin finishes. Bathrooms are also seeing more of large and elegant fixtures than small and sleek.

While dark and vintage tiles and countertops were popular, this time around it is white and marine colored finishes.

They are the cool colors for summer and beyond and lend a luxurious look to your bathroom décor. Glass doors and shower enclosures are other fixtures that will make your bathroom look spacious.

Cabinets and Wash

As for cabinets, designers suggest you to refurbish them by repainting them rather than tossing into landfills. This is an eco-friendly choice and also saves money on your renovation. Rattan and raffia theme rugs are also very much in. Wash bowls can be decorated with glass, mirror and silver finish accessories.


Sea shells are a great way to bring in the fresh outdoors to your bathrooms. You could add this component through soft pebbles, rocks or ready-to-use porcelain and glass containers with real shells or shell prints on them. Tropical, large flowers can be used to decorate the counter tops and sills of the bathroom.

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