How To Choose Stylish Stationary For A Home Office?

home office1One of the most important things someone can choose for a home office is a terrific, stylish stationary set.

If you are constantly dealing with the public through a home based business, the stationary used needs to reflect professionalism, as well as the style.

There are many different styles that are quite popular nowadays. There are several options for printing as well.

Many times, a letter is the first impression that someone gets of a particular company.  By portraying that business professionally, it’s much easier to create a positive, professional impression. Consider the following for stylish stationary for a home office set up.

Impression Reflection

Choose a stationary style that reflects that professional image. This is not to say that it has to be serious, mundane, or boring. Stationary can be fun as well.

If the home office is the base for children’s toys, then it’s probably not a good idea to have stationary that looks like it came from a lawyer’s office. Make sure it reflects the business image, as well.

Consider bright, fanciful colors if the business warrants it. If the business is in “corporate realm” of things, a more traditional look should be used. Choose fonts that also represent the business. Quirky is good, but only as it applies to the overall feel of the company.

Paper Choices

A good quality stationary paper will say volumes about the business. Leave the copier paper in the copier. Choose a heavy weight paper for very important letters that need that extra flair.

A medium grade paper is good for everyday correspondence, especially if it is with an individual or company that is contacted frequently.

There are also different choices available in the type of paper. Linen paper gives off an air of sophistication and refinement. It’s best suited for a higher end client or special customer. It is also good for personal correspondence.


If the home office is in need of a letterhead, choose wisely. A well designed letterhead will also go along ways to promoting a professional image.

There are many websites online that offer templates for designing letterhead. Pictures can also be included, but keep them simple.


Believe it or not, a great envelope design is important as well. Many companies will use part of their letterhead design on the outside of the envelope. This adds another accent of professionalism. Templates are also available for this area of stationary.


If choosing a print shop or online printing service, be sure the quality of the print project is worth the expense. Many people find that the stylish, beautiful stationary and letterhead they designed is not nice once a poor quality printing job has finished with it.

Some home based offices choose to print each piece on their own printer. This is a great idea if there are not hundreds of letters out of the office each month.

A Final Thought

A home office doesn’t mean the stationary needs to come from the local discount store.  There are many stylish options available and for great prices. Choose the theme and style according to the image the business wants to portray.


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