The Modular Furniture In Kuboletto Style

The so called “Kuboletto” is actually a furniture collection, which is going to add a multifunctional look back to your home interior.

The collection is a creation of the famous Italian magician, the designer Enzo Palmisciano, eminent for his modular works.

The “Kuboletto” is made for the Italian manufacturer Milano Bedding and represents a sofa, a chair, a lounge, a bed and an ottoman in one styled decision.

The modular furniture, whose main idea is back to versatility, can be set as anything you want in a matter of moments.

You can arrange it in your own visions and needs. The good news is that the furniture can be placed anywhere at your home and it looks good even arranged as a bench.

The idea of the Italian designer was to create super multifunctional furniture that is going to be easy to set up. Obviously his idea had a success and now the collection is going to be released on the market of Europe as a stylish, modern conceptual touch for any home décor.


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