Lounge Seating Trends for 2011

The best design trends for home interiors will always originate from consumers who constantly reassess about what they need to live more comfortably while adding luxury to their dream homes. This furniture and other interior accessories and furnishings lead to specific designs and latest trends while sometimes combining both the old and modern simplistic and severe designs.

These re-imagined concepts and innovative products aesthetically improve the ambiance of your homes and brighten up your spaces. Here, we look at some of the seating designs offered by Davis – a leading name in furniture industry for its superior designs.

Davis Gemini

This variable chair and love seat from the Gemini Series can be used either individually or can be combined in groups. The bas has a sloping line that sets the visual ascent of the seat either to the right, left or even in a straight line. Another significant feature of this chair is that it has a universal column base that can be fitted with a covering cap or can be also extended to form a tablet with simple addition of a clear or frosted glass, or even a granite plate.

Davis Method

This range of modular lounge seating is from the Method Series which encompasses minimal design elements that are combined to support various functions and configurations. The aesthetic design statements are suitable for a variety of environments.

David Palette

This lounge seating from Palette Series has generous seats along with table and tablet options. It is ideal for environments that must accommodate people as they work and interact. It is available in comfortable one, two, or three seat units that may be used separately or joined together by connecting pallet tables.

Davis Kontour

This modular seating form Davis’ Kontour Series can be arranged in different configurations to provide comfortable and functional seating options. Its shape creates a strong visual interest while also enhancing the spaces.


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