Ideas for Painting Vintage Furniture

Well painted Vintage furniture is a charm to any room. Here are some ideas for painting vintage furniture. The newly painted vintage furniture will re-create its magic; it had lot of years back. There are lot of methods, paints, brushes, techniques used that are used to bring back the allure of the furniture.

Ideas for Painting Vintage Furniture

Tools and Materials for Painting

These are few important things that are required for painting the furniture.

  • A furniture, brush with hard bristles, cleaning cloth or vacuum cleaner and small brush for dusting.
  • Spray primer, different type of brushes (air brush, oil paint brushes etc).
  • A deglosser, liquid sander, primmer, oil paint, etc.

Painting an Armoire

  • An armoire can be painted according to the room it goes to. This armoire suits well for regular storage in a woman’s room, or kid’s room. On considering the armoire is placed in a girl’s bedroom, you can play with light colors may be light blue or pink.
  • The base color being light pink, the corners will have a white base and red around the artistic curves. The front side, being two doors, will have flower designs that are hand painted to give a cute touch to the wardrobe. Red, white, dark pink and light pink can be used based on the creativity. The handles of the armoire will be painted in dark brown to give the vintage finishing to the armoire.

Simple Cabinet

  • Painting a simple cabinet with two bottom draws can be very interesting if you want to adapt to the wall colors and basic requirements of the room. The cabinet, if being placed in the reading room, can have the look of old book stand.
  • If the wall color is light shade of brown, then you can choose sandal and oak wood brown color and paint the sides of furniture with alternate stripes. The draws will be painted in mix of both shades and oak wood color for the handles.


  • A simple small cabinet can be painted in French style or regular style and converted to a wonderful dresser. The colors can be dark chocolate colors for the borders wooden brown for the entire cabinet. The vintage furniture with exquisite metal handles can be chosen, for the perfect antique look.
  • The handles can be painted in brass metal color and shall have a matte finish. This piece of furniture can also be artistically painted at the top, with hand painted designs in mild sandal color to make it more beautiful.


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