Easy Living With Minimalist Furniture

Practical, trendy and modern- these are the three words that can describe the Boxetti furniture. The brand is trying to add a provocative and modern atmosphere in each home by creating lavish designed furniture with geometrical shapes and perfectly combined colors. This collection goes perfectly for stylish interiors with minimalistic style.

boxetti furniture

The interesting elements in this collection are the so called “futuristic touch”. It is included to provide more ergonomic and practical look to the entire line. Despite the extravagant design, this line is considered as one of the best, when it comes to contemporary home designs. Boxetti has been a winner of many awards in this matter

When the company of Semigood design is creating something, it is surely going to be popular. The brand is eminent for manufacturing unconventional furniture lines.

Their latest one doesn’t make any exception. The company surprised us with their Rian RTA Collection. The entire collection is devoted to stability as they presented really strong and solid masterpiece made with high quality.

semigood design

The designers used only white oak, walnut and white ash, as each piece is hand-built, in order to provide perfection. The flat line and the interesting silhouette of the furniture are matching interiors with trendy atmosphere, for Semigood design is trying to create modern image with simple lines and shapes.

The colors are different, but the orange color is their main choice. Recently orange is very popular color for creating extraordinary atmosphere at home.

bardot furniture

The Bardot furniture line is surely a trendy and contemporary designed line and represents the real skills of Jaime Hayon, a designer that is eminent for his original works. The sofas that the designer created are real combinations between modern and minimalistic. The Bardot line is described as “combining the lightness and the strength of ballerina”.

That’s why the sofa is delicate and it could fit in small dwells. The compact footprint and the soft fabrics turn the line into something elegant and classy. The whole idea was made to impress, so the colors are bright and vibrant. The red Bardot sofa is a real masterpiece.

Light and soft as if you are touching a fruit, the sofa promises to satisfy anyone. It goes perfectly for all kind of interiors as it brings more comfortable feeling and meanwhile, it is classy and magnificent.


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