Designer Closets are High Elegance in Your Home

We all know that closets are a very important part of women’s homes. In the same time, they are also important for men.

In order to make your house feel like a real home, you should consider getting a custom closet that has everything that you could possible desire.

Romantic closet

Romantic closet

One of the ideas that you could use for your closet is to have a vintage armoire turned into a shelf that can hold the shoes. The main attraction of the closet could be a rosy chandelier that adds special light to the room. In the middle you could have an island with several cabinets to hold the smaller items.

Going traditional

Going traditional

If you have an open dressing room, it should be neighboring the bathroom. In fact, the two rooms should be one and the same. This way you can achieve a loft like look. Naturally, for such a project you need a lot of space. According to the specialists, it is enough to have about 500 square feet for this purpose.

Bohemian closet

Bohemian closet

In order to make sure that you don’t forget about the clothes you have, you could consider closets with glass doors. A nice touch to the closet might be to have a black ebonized floor. This is because the color itself adds a clean and modern feeling to the room. You could also add a vintage Turkish rug for an instant bohemian feeling.

Mid century

Instead of a chandelier, you could make a midcentury modern chair the focal point of the room. These usually come with a frame. For a unique look, you could repaint the frame in matte gold. Most probably the seat will have to be reupholstered. If this is the case, go for silvery leather. There are a lot of collections that come with chairs of this kind.

Being playful

There are a lot of different elements that can give the room a playful feeling. For instance, you could have wallpaper on the ceiling. A similar effect can also be achieved by an interesting light fixture. You could go for the magnolia blossom shape.

There are a lot of different ideas that you can use when it comes to your closet. The main point is to make sure that your personality will be visible in the look. Also consider the fact that the room needs to be really practical when you are thinking about the elements.


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