Preparing A Room For Home Entertainment System

home entertainmentMore people are turning their backs on paying for movie tickets, by creating a theatre in their very own home and modern technology means that this is more affordable than ever before.

To get the best possible ambiance a home theatre should be a room just for this purpose, that way you can make a great atmosphere and recreate the feel of a space dedicated to watching the movies. Seating should be comfortable and work well with the proposed size of the TV screen etc.

A large wall mounted flat screen is the ideal answer but if budget restraints mean you look for alternatives, then there are plenty to go for.

If you can’t have wall mounted don’t forget you will need something to house the electronic side of things. It might be worth drawing a layout and planning what goes where before making any major purchases.

Work out who will be using the home theatre and what they will be watching. For example if it will mainly be used to watch sports then the décor can be geared up towards it.

You could have a green carpet to represent turf, club colors on the walls, posters of past legends grinning down on you and anything else that puts you in the right mood for being entertained.

For film buffs more posters, but this time of movie greats and film noirs. A popcorn machine would be a nice addition and you can get large cardboard standees from local DVD rental stores or cinemas. If it is for the whole family get everyone involved in the project and have a bit of fun with everyone’s different ideas.

A home bar might fit well with your home entertainment scheme, you could even set up your very own hot dog stand, and the only limitations are your imagination. It is not just about the size of the budget look out for items on eBay and other sources.

If you have to combine a home theatre with your living room design it can still be done. If you have ever simply turned the lights off when you watch a movie you will realize it does not take much to create the right environment to relax and watch a movie.

Dens or basements can often be underutilized spaces so if yours is full of junk and nothing else this could be the home theatre project waiting to happen.

Just like squeezing an extra bathroom out of a rarely used spare bedroom, just think about what your possibilities are. If the children have flown the nest they won’t mind their old rooms becoming their parents’ brand new venture.


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