Outdoor Lighting Tips For Security And Entertainment

outdoor lightingOutdoor lighting is becoming one of the most popular strategies used by home owners to make their home secure from thieves.

It is well-proven that lighting is a deterrent to crimes around the home, and sends would-be burglars scurrying to find an easier target.

To be effective, security outdoor lighting needs to be placed near entry doors into your house and at the rear of the property.

Look at your house and yard in the dark, and locate places that could allow people to hide unseen; these need to be illuminated by security lighting as well. Carports and garages are important spots for outdoor lighting, so that criminals can’t be lying in wait for you to drive in.

The lights need to be positioned high enough to be out-of-reach and tamper-proof. To save on using excess power, install sensor lights that only come on when they are triggered by movement.

When you come home after dark, the lights will turn on so you can see to park the car, walk to the door and put your door key in the lock.

If an intruder enters your property, the sensor lights will also illuminate and scare them off. Sensors can be set so that they aren’t triggered by pets and birds.

Use an automatic garage door opener that also turns on an interior light in the garage when the door is opening, for your security. [home security systems]

Leaving a single outdoor light on, when you are out for the evening is a sure sign to burglars that no one is home. Leave on a couple of inside lights, and even a radio or television, to indicate that there may be someone present in the house.

Again, burglars will be looking for the easy target, and will leave your house alone. If you are going to be away overnight, use timers to switch internal lights and a radio on before dusk, and then off again a few hours later.

Some of the same outdoor lights that you use for home security can be used for outdoor entertainment. Outdoor lighting can lengthen your days and extend your living area, as you light up the yard and continue entertaining or enjoying family activities after the sun goes down.

Sensor spot lights can be switched to “on” to flood your yard with light while you enjoy balmy summer evenings and BBQs outdoors. There is some beautiful outdoor furniture available now that will make you and your friends comfortable while you enjoy being outdoors in the evening.

Your garden is a natural extension to your home; bring the outside in with lighting to illuminate your garden after dark. Outdoor lighting can be used to highlight specific trees and plants in your garden for a wonderful effect that can be enjoyed from inside your home as well as while you are outdoors.

A spot light, positioned at the base of a tree, provides a beautiful spectacle. These garden lights can be white or colored to create different effects.

Solar garden lights are now available in a great variety of designs, to allow you to light up your yard without wasting valuable power. Make the most of outdoor lighting around your home.


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