Creative And Bold Choice To Light Up The Room

Bocci and the Canadian designer Omer Arbel joined together in order to launch a super innovative home lightening system for anyone that adores sophisticated decoration.

pendant lightThe duo presented their latest collection of 28 pendant lamps. The collection is made up with glass blowing new technique, provided by the Canadian designer that is famous for his unusual ideas. The special technique that he was using creates low voltage lamps in spherical shapes.

pendant lampThe lightening collection is made with white, clear glass and gradation of colors. Bocci is a company, which has always been showing unique models, but this time the cooperation with Omar Arbel brings the lamps to a bespoke level of creative and sophisticated style.

pendant lamp 01The touch of futurism that 28 lamps are bringing is appropriate for any home décor; hence the collection comes in different colors. You can purchase the lamps in any color you wish. They still hold the breath with an amazing look.


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