How To Select A Laminate Or Solid Floor Covering?

laminate flooringDecades ago a wooden floor was a big expense involving craftsmen and a lot of diligent maintenance.

Today this has all changed and the scope for hardwood flooring is infinite.

In fact the choice is now so vast that making the right choice can be quite tough.

Laminate flooring is a product that is made up of many layers of wood bonded together and is available in two different depths, three and five ply.

It is much more stable than other flooring because of the way that the various grains of wood run in differing directions. This therefore ensures that it will contract and expand far less than a traditional wood in fluctuating temperatures.

For areas like basements this type of material is ideal, in fact anywhere that a more solid approach is impossible for whatever reasons. It comes in many different varieties of wood all of which come in a range of colors, so there is bound to be something that suits both your style and taste.

Solid flooring is considered to be anything that is from top to bottom one piece of actual wood. Although it is considerably more expensive than laminate it offers the opportunity to have a much more personalized floor, in other words exactly what your heart desires. You can even chop down a tree yourself and have it made into your very own living room floor.

It is physically hammered down onto plywood and is therefore better in downstairs rooms. Borders, patterns and other features can be incorporated but obviously all at a price. This is very much the luxury end of the market.

For most people laminate flooring will be much more affordable and it comes in woods such as Hickory/Pecan, Pine, White and Red Oak.

You can choose between a finish that is done at the factory and one that is completed after fitting in your home. The former will be cheaper but the latter although messy will have a much better finished look. Also try to make sure that your laminate flooring matches your internal doors.

The finishing touch is a strain to ensure your chosen floor will be long lasting and prevent it from being scuffed and scratched. It is better to choose a more environmentally friendly one like polyx hardwax oil; it is manufactured from wax and plant oils and has a very luxurious finish.

This type of product allows the wood to breathe and any moisture is allowed to disperse without causing any damage, your floor will never flake or blister.


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