Tips for Choosing Wall Color for Kids’ Rooms

Did you know that colors have their own energy and can be big influencers for our moods on a day to day basis? The kinds of colors we paint our walls in may decide the kind of mood frequency we remain on in life. This is why it is very important to select colors for painting the walls of your kids’ rooms carefully.

The colors you choose may determine their creativity, their mood, their level of hardwork and the quotient of happiness. The following are some of the most effective tips for choosing paint color for your kid’s room.

tips for choosing wall color for kids rooms

Ask your Child’s Choice

One of the best ways to choose the paint color for your kid’s room is to ask the choice or preference of your kid. Kids are mostly drawn to vibrant colors and it is best to choose the one which they like the most.

Create a Calming and Relaxing Environment

Another important tip which can help you choose the best paint color for your kid’s room is to try to create a relaxing and calming environment. This is the room where they will play, study and sleep and hence it must not weight too heavily on their nerves. It must be able to welcome them and offer them comfort. Thus it is a good idea to go for subtle and calming colors like light greens, blues, yellows and baby pinks.  While it is true that bold and vibrant colors are fun and happy but after a while, they can be jarring for the child.

Use Vibrant Colors only on One Wall

If your child loves vibrant or vivid colors, then it is a good idea to paint only one wall or the ceiling in that color and go for a subtler shade for the rest of the room.

Go for White

Another superb idea to paint your kid’s room is to paint the entire room white. White gives you a great opportunity to add colorful accessories and bedding pieces to spice up things. You can throw in colorful cushions, mats, bedcovers and paintings to make the colors pop out against the white. This is also a great way to add/change colors according to the growing age of the child rather than being stuck with one color for a long period of time.

Blue for Boys, Pink for Girls

You can also go for the very traditional and classic way to paint the room of your kids. Opt for shades of blue for your boy’s room and shades of pink for the bedroom of your baby girl. To add some variations, add contrasting colored accessories like lamps, study tables, wall hangings and curtains.

Go for Pastels

Pastels too seem to work really well in the bedroom of kids and are colors which no one ever gets bored of. They look good both in winters and summers and one can match them up with very contrasting shades to create a balanced looking room.

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