Give a New Look to Your Home With Eco -Friendly Wallpapers

Going green is the latest fashion statement and everybody seems to be in trend.  People these days are doing their best to conserve the environment in multiple ways-while some observe the earth hour; others are buying hybrid cars and so on.

In this scenario of saving the environment from depletion, one way to keep yourself in the loop of things is by opting for eco -friendly wallpapers. Yes, by choosing eco -friendly wallpapers, you prevent excess wastage of paper and also avoid other forms of environmental-damage.  Let’s learn more about the same.

What are Eco-Friendly Wallpapers?

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Eco-friendly wallpapers are those kinds of wallpapers which are made of paper products, cotton thread, cotton cellulose and other types of recycled materials.  These wallpapers are made using the latest technology and some of them are made using grass cloth which does not have any kind of negative effect on the environment.

What Makes Eco- Friendly Wallpapers Different from Normal Wallpapers?

Normal wallpapers are made using VOC or volatile organic compounds. These compounds are basically chemicals that can be smelled when the wallpaper is pasted on the walls.

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These chemicals pollute the environment and atmosphere of our houses and directly affect our health as well. Organic or eco-friendly wallpapers on the other hand have very low amounts of VOC and whatever material they consist of do not affect the environment or human health in any way.

How to Maintain Eco-Friendly Wallpapers?

How to Maintain Eco-Friendly Wallpapers

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Eco-friendly wallpapers are very easy to maintain and are safe to use, even for children.  These wallpapers are made with a combination of aesthetics, technology and natural products and this makes them perfect for home environments.  Eco friendly wallpapers can be retained for many years as just with a touch of varnish, they can be given a polished finish whenever they turn dull.

Environment Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Wallpapers

The following are some of the environment benefits of using eco-friendly wallpapers:

  • The first and most important benefit of ecofriendly wallpapers is that the material that they are made of doesn’t pose a threat to the environment or to the health of people.
  • These are easy to apply and are quick to paste.
  • These wallpapers can easily hide old and faded walls.
  •  These wallpapers are permeable and thus they allow the walls to breath easily.
  • The fact that these wallpapers do not attract dust or dirt is another important benefit.
  • These are not only long lasting but are crack resistant as well.
  • Another benefit of eco-friendly wallpapers is that partial repair is possible with them.

Some Other Eco Friendly Home Decorative Products

Ecofriendly Home Decorative Products

Apart from eco-friendly or organic wallpapers, you can also use some other home decoration products which are eco-friendly in nature. The following are a few examples:

  • Wrought iron products too are considered eco-friendly and also add style and elegance to any space.
  • Cane baskets, paper Mache products and cushion covers made of terracotta are some other examples of organic home decoration products.

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