Make Your Baby’s Bed Safe and Cuddly!

If you are a new mom or mom-to-be, your baby is always your first priority. And when it comes to comfort, well, it isn’t a matter that can be overlooked. Whether it’s your first baby or the latest addition to your family, you will always want the best of everything for the little human.

Setting up a baby room is a fun thing to do and crib is the cynosure of the room. A crib should be such that it provides most comfort and coziness to the baby. Very often, new mothers ignore the type and quality of crib or baby bed, hence compromising with their baby’s safety and comfort.

With advancing modernization, baby crib designs are also improving. People are thinking more and more towards making the baby’s sleep sound and easy. They are working continuously towards the improvement of baby cribs and beds.

Make Your Baby’s Bed Safe and Cuddly!

There are many things that must be noticed while buying a crib are safety, convenience, budget, bedding, space and other add-ons like if it’s convertible or not, if it’s portable or not, etc.

Here are some of the different types of baby cribs and beds that are available in market which are worth considering:

Standard cribs:

These are the cribs which you always dream about or picture whenever you imagine about decorating a baby room. This is the most common type of crib, usually made of wood and polished to shine. They are the most basic type of cribs and only have four walls around it. The advantage with them is that they are available in various options like material can be made of hard or soft wood (generally hard wood is preferred). They are easy to put together or assemble and convey the basic comfort needs of your baby very efficiently.

Convertible crib:

These are the cribs which can expand as your baby grows. They can convert from a crib to a bed to a headboard according to your baby’s need. Usually a crib lasts only a year or so because the baby outgrows it. These cribs come as a boon for investment.Sometimes separate kits are available to convert the crib and you can choose to buy it either along with the crib or whenever you need to convert the crib.

Portable and travel cribs:

If you are someone with a job that involves moving around a lot then these are the cribs which you need. Portable cribs are made of harder material than the travel cribs and are often easy to store.

Travel cribs are usually foldable and are made of aluminum, mesh or foam. They have a soft base which is good for your baby’s comfort. They are quick to set-up (usually 5-10 minutes) and can be broke down in an equally easy manner.

No matter what type of crib you are purchasing you must first consider if it has enough room for your baby. Your baby must not feel discomfort of any type. It must have scope to fit in 2-3 mattresses and should provide enough liberty to your baby such that it can easily stretch and turn around.


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