21 Contemporary Kids Desks!

Kids desks, whether used for studying or for any other purpose, are an integral part of any child’s room. They not only form a part of the decor of the room but also enhance the overall aesthetic appearance of that room. And what more can boost a child’s creativity than his desk itself? Have a look at these 21 Contemporary Kids Desks to give you an idea of what we exactly mean:

1. P’kolino Klick Desk and Chair Set:


It is not wise to separate education from the development of the brain and its growth. Children do not like to learn in conventional ways and this colorful table with a simple design is just the kind of a thing a kid would love to have.

2. P’kolino’s New Chalk Table:P’kolino’s New Chalk Table

This chalk table is one of the smart as well as playful kids desks. With a reversible top and a compartment underneath to hold supplies, it is just the ideal thing to have for a kid. To be easily able to switch from craft time to study time and vice-versa, and all this being so hassle free is so much fun for kids. Two small size benches prove just right for toddlers as well!

3. Art Table and Chair Set:


Easy to assemble and coming in two bright colors – red and pink – this fun table is just the thing your kid might want to have. If your toddler loves to paint, then this table is used as kids desks which will make your kid’s hobby much more interesting. It’s made of sturdy hardwood with a smooth and a glossy surface finish, ensuring an efficient and a convenient drawing experience for your kids.

4. Paint Table and Stool Set:


An innovative design plus its strong durability is what makes this superb crafts cum painting table a unique thing to possess. The creative part of your kid will be enhanced to great heights with this wonderful stool and paint table duo. The top of the table has separate compartment for your toddler to keep all his art supplies; and the stool has additional storage capacity for other things.

5. P’kolino Craft Table:


This table is a novel activity table for toddlers from P’Kolino, matching their other collection. It is a fun & a fresh design, more or less like a picnic bench, giving your kids a stress free feeling while they study or are doing other fun things on their kids desks.

6. Round Activity Table:


Following the Polly Play theme, this extremely durable round table is bright in color. The products like kids desks from Polly Play can be used both outside and inside your home since they are waterproof as well as sun proof, in other words, maintenance free.

7. Close Up Kids Table:


Designed by Carolina Peña, this creative, instructive, art and environment loving table is named the ‘Close Up’. The uniqueness of this table is its lighting feature which helps your toddler to trace and sketch easily while sharpening your kid’s observation skills. There are portable containers with a magnifying glass too, which help the kids look closely at whatever they want to.

8. TableTot:


‘TableTots’ is a beautiful idea to decorate your kids’ room. The design can become a prominent feature what with it being extremely colorful and being individually painted by hand and hand wood turned; very safe for children!

9. Animal Table:


Designed by a Belgian Industrial designer Quentin de Coster, the ‘animal’ table is especially created to use as kids desks. This design is a result of his work with a team/s of 5 year old children to know what they can best relate to. All the shapes and drawings that these five year olds gave brought about this creation called the ‘animal’ table. The ‘dog head’ of the table works as a storage for their art supplies.

10. Kidkraft Furniture Table:


This furniture is imaginatory, innovative and inspirational. Kids will immediately fall in love with this ageless, quality table which will easily fit into any kind of a kids room. Your toddler will fall in love with these types of kids desks instantly.

11. Short Stop Childs Table:


Simple and elegant, this is the best way to describe this funky and contemporary eco-friendly furniture. Bright in color with slick curves, this set of 3 can be used together as your kids desks for study/art or used individually to add color and to look cool in any other part of your room. Bring your creativity to the fore with this one!

12. Chalkboard Table:


This desk is a combination of a table and a board to draw on. It’s easily cleanable, has a metal bowl in between for chalk and supplies, and serves as a sturdy writing table when not used as a drawing board.

13. LOL Kid’s Furniture:

lol kids furnituresCool and funky, that’s the best way to describe this kids desk. Made for two, this desk does not separate the table and the chair. Playful in looks, this one is sure to attract your kids. The shape is unusual but is practical in every other way with space underneath the table for books or paper and a hole on top of the table for other small supplies.

14. Art Activity Desk:


This one is a ‘creation station’ designed to delight your kids in every possible way. They can practically do everything that a kid does which includes drawing, painting, coloring or using markers to design and create whatever they want to, apart from doing school work and building model cars & planes. The table also has strong and sturdy shelves for kids to store whatever they want to.

15. Parker Play Table:


This table is designed to be able to have room for most train set boards, apart from having a detachable rolling drawer for storing things. You can even purchase additional paper rolls. It is designed in such a manner that it can even function as a coffee table.

16. The Oskar Table:


This set of a table and two benches is a unique colorful creation proving to be a great place for your toddlers to have fun and enjoy their creativity. These type of kids desks can be moved anywhere you wish to. On the table there is a bin where your children can store their pencils, erasers and pens or any other art supplies. Available in 4 different colors and having smooth edges, this table bench set is an ideal furniture to have for your kid’s room.

17. Doodle Drawer Desk:


Looking great and designed excellently, this kids desk called the ‘doodle drawer’ has various practical features which will surely make a difference to your kid’s study arrangement. Whether your child is interested to read, paint or just sit around, this table suits all her/his needs. This one is combined-table-chair furniture with an easy to pull out drawer for storage. An adult can easily assemble this one and is safe for your kid’s use, as it is painted with non-toxic paint.

18. School Bus Desk:


With creativity desk, study desk and activity place with ample storage capacity, this furniture is an all-in-one. The table top features a twelve inch paper roll and the chair has a lift-up-seat for storage which makes this desk chair duo a must-have for your toddler’s room. You can easily assemble this kids desk and you can even get a replacement paper roll which is easily available.

19. Drafting Table and Stool:


Creativity, as many say, is a gift from God and comes by birth. Therefore it is never too early to gift your child the right tool to bring out his creativity coz you never know what he/she has in him/her. This multipurpose drafting table and a stool to match are just the thing you can give your child for fulfilling his creative instincts. It’s durable and is good looking too. There is a paper roll holder under the table to feed paper into the paper glide which assures a slip-free creative experience.

20. Minimalist Drawing Table:


Every child enjoys having a special place for honing her/his creative skills. This kids desk is a cool tiny table absolutely suitable for a young kid who is just beginning to learn how to draw, paint and sketch. Created by ‘Domodinamica’, this piece of furniture is fit for two playful toddlers wanting to spend a good creative hour together. It’s safe because it’s made from solid and ecological wood, apart from having soft edges so as not to hurt your little one. It features two A2 paper piles as a part of the table and has a metal polished box functioning as storage space.

21. The Otto: Bloom


If your kids are the kinds who are really active, then this one is for them. It’s tastefully designed, keeping the safety of your kids as a paramount feature. This table chair set is easy to store and light in weight. This kids desk also includes two sliding trays to play and for art.

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