31 Contemporary & Creative Book Shelves

Here are 31 more creative book shelve designs from the world’s best designers, that will inspire and provide you new and fresh ideas for your home. Here is the previous article on 31 modern and creative bookshelves.

1. Lili Lite Bookshelf:

Designed by Studio Smeets located in Amsterdam, Lili Lite bookshelf is an excellent combination of reading lamp, bookmark and bookshelf. The major perk and most interesting part of this multifunctional bookshelf is that the light will switch off automatically when books are placed on the rack.

lili lite bookshelf

Designer website: http://www.lililite.com

2. Joy rotating shelf unit:

Designed by Achille Castiglioni and inspired by its smaller sibling Basello, joy rotating bookshelf has a versatility that can be claimed by very few shelving units.

Seven shelves are gathered in an exchangeable structure that can rest flat against the wall. Joy rotating shelf unit feature steel reinforcing inside, finished finely in bleached oak and with scratch resistant embossing colors, the uprights and shelves are constructed with honey core.

joy rotating shelf unit

Designer website: http://www.achillecastiglioni.it/

3. Cave Pet Bookcase:

Being inspired by the Cave bookcase, designed by Japanese designer Sakura Adachi, Cave pet book house is a combination of bookshelf and the reader’s nook.

Cave pet bookcase is a brilliant invention for pet dogs and cats alike as well as for pet owners and animal lovers who are worried about defensive behavior of pets. Cave pet bookcase provides space for books as well as private place for your pet and it can be easily placed against the wall.

cave pet bookcase

Designer: Sakura Adachi

4. OdersodingModular Shelf System:

Odersoding is a modular shelf system consisting of a single module. Geometry of the base module and making of the edges provides the possibility of multi-dimensionally amendable and extremely changeable assembly as well. The impression of the furniture varies according to the way of assembly.

odersoding modular shelf sy

Designer website: http://www.ding3000.com

5. Corner Tree Book Shelf:

The tree like book shelf, designed by Abhinav Dapke, will definitely change your perspective on common book shelf. The corner book shelf tree can be placed at any corner of your room.

The bookshelf shares adjacent vertical faces of the walls. The zigzag fluid form of the design creates a look and interpretation the growth of tree.

corner tree book shelf

Designer: Abhinav Dapke

6. Billy Brother Book Shelf:

A combination of both sculpture and book shelf, Billy Brother Book Shelf creates an interesting expression and playful meeting between floor and wall.

The base part of the bookshelf is slanted to give a strange look to the book shelf. Billy brother book shelf is perfectly suitable for large spaces from lofts to segment spaces. The wavy design of the book shelf creates an impression and optical illusion that the shelves will spill their content.

billy brother book shelf

Designer website: http://www.addi.se

7. Piegato book shelf:

With surprisingly high load of capacity and laser cutting edge design, Piegato is a sheet steel rack for holding books. The Piegato book shelf has been delivered almost completely plain which results in a cost effective transportation.

With just a couple of drills you can have a Piegato book shelf system in place to support and hold books, pictures or anything that could fit its size that you want to display on the rack.

piegato book shelf

Designer website: http://www.matthiasries.com

8. The Giralot:

If you are looking for something that doesn’t occupy much space and hold sufficient items, Giralot storage system is the perfect choice. Being a part of Stefano Bettio 2008 collection, the Giralot is one of the most handsome and contemporary designs in storage shelves.

With its unique swivel system, the Giralot storage system incorporates a minimalistic design as well as the maximum storage space. The complete storage system is based on a container-like shelf that swivel 180 degrees on a column that is fixed to wall and rests on the floor.

giralot shelf

Designer website: http://www.stefanobettio.com

9. Dimensional Shelves:

Designed by Nicola Zanetti, the dimensional shelf is a steel storage system that comes in a combination of cool 60’s mod along with a touch of modern design.

Dimensional Shelves are incredibly thin for adding stunning looks or for creating a more formal environment in your room, you can install a staggered formation that would defy the amount of weight they can actually carry.

dimensional shelves

Designer website: http://www.icondesignstudio.it/

10. Laica Bookshelf:

Laica bookshelf is a creative book storage design from designer Francesco Innocenti. This particular book shelf design is something that many of you might have never seen before and it would certainly impress everyone at first glance.

With a finished touch of glossy lacquer or soft touch effect, Laica bookshelf can be a good decoration when not in use. However, if you have so many books to store then Laica book shelf is not for you, it is just only for books that you read daily.

laica bookshelf

Designer website: http://www.zerogloss.it/

11. P Bookshelf:

The main idea behind P-bookshelf is a fusion of functional shelf for books and an old time floor pendulum clock structure.

P-bookshelf is a hybrid product with equal distribution between two different ideas. In this way you can make an ironic combined of style and change the meaning of functions.

p bookshelf

Designer website: http://rassadin.com

12. Bibliotheque Tree Bookshelf:

Designed by Francesco Passaniti Atelier from Compact Concrete, the top image is a bookshelf called ‘Bibliotheque Tree’ and the chairs are called ‘Chaises Cedille’.

bibliotheque tree bookshelf

Designer website: http://www.compactconcrete.com

13. Stackable shelves:

Stackable shelves are constructed with birch plywood. When delivered each block contains a couple of metal plates, wooden blocks, hinges and wingbolts.

Each block of the shelf is equally identical with connecting points for hinges and they are made with different angles and lengths. With the help of wingbolts you can choose the place of hinges and place the blocks between different shelves in order to give them an angle.

stackable shelves

Designer website:

14. Branca bookshelf:

The primary concept of Branca bookshelf is the idea of natural shape abstraction. The actual shape of the Branca bookshelf comes from the simplification of tree branch and thus it will still remind that natural world. You can place this Branca bookshelf in different positions according to your requirement.

branca bookshelf

Designer website: http://www.r-evolution.es/

15. MYDNA Bookcase:

Primarily inspired by the DNA double helix structure, designed by Joel Escalona. This piece of storage system is trying to convey all the knowledge you have like the books, music and photos defining a significant part of your personal identity.

Available in different colors, there are two different presentations available in MYDNA bookcase, one is static MYDNA and the other is rotating MYDNA.

mydna bookcase

Designer website: http://www.joelescalona.com

16. Bookshelf for lazy people:

This particular bookshelf is for those people who would feel bothered even just to stand up from the chair to grab a book and put it away. In this book shelf design, the handle part doesn’t move, rather the long bookshelf moves from side to side.

You can easily drag the small bookshelf by pulling the bar down so that it will descend on to desk. So, you can be lazy here as well as for keeping the books in rack.

bookshelf for lazy people

Designer: Mac Funamizu

17. Elephant Bookshelf:

This ingenious elephant bookshelf meets both the form and functionality. You can store bedtime books or you can use it as a decorative piece and make most of the simple surface look designed.

Elephant book shelf is the perfect choice for kid’s room furnishings. With its unique design and craftsmanship, this bookshelf makes an instant heirloom.

elephant bookshelf

Designer: Dwell Studio

18. Vannicola Arlecchina Bookcase:

Vannicola Arlecchina is a bookcase in 12mm tempered glass with matt lacquered MD elements. The glass structure of the Bookcase has holes to insert colorful cubes which create both irregular and asymmetric of volumes and shelves.

vannicola arlecchina bookca

Designer: Paola Palma and Carlo Vannicola

19. Bibliothèque Zelli Bookcase:

Designed by Younes Duret, the Bibliothèque Zelli Bookcase is a contemporary design that would remind the shape of a snowflake. With its unique design, Bibliothèque Zelli Bookcase creates an interesting pocket for storage and creative methods for organizing items as well.

bibliotheque zelli bookcase

Designer website: http://www.extru-d.com

20. Billy Wilder Bookcase:

Billy Wilder bookcase is essentially meant to be a playful provisional storage system for unsorted magazines, newspapers and books.

billy wilder bookcase

21. Mark Reigelman Bookshelf:

The simple and yet clever design of this book shelf is from Mark Reigelman. If you want to have it then you would be the first to have such a thing, as it is only a prototype.

mark reigelman bookshelf

Designer: Mark Reigelman

22. Quattro Line Bookshelf:

Design ideas provided by Yedidia Blonders, this particular bookshelf design is a great example to have more space for your books.

You can store more books with this simple and modern bookshelf design. While resting against the wall, the books will stand on the line and touches only the bar.

quattro line bookshelf

Designer: Yedidia Blonder

23. Pulsline Bookshelf:

Pulsline Bookshelf is creatively designed by Mans Salomonsen. With this bookshelf design, you can place more books and items, not just a few magazines and a few little items; it is possible to store more books. Although it may look like it won’t but actually it’s the opposite of what you think.

pulsline bookshelf

Designer website: https://steneby.se/

24. Carlton bookcase:

If you love rainbow colors then you would certainly like Carlton bookcase from Memphis Italy. Originally designed by Ettore Sottsass in 1980s.This particular multicolored bookcase is made of laminated pattern.

The top look of the bookcase can appear like a children’s dresser. The rest of the bookcase is entirely wild building, out from the two drawer area.

carlton bookcase

Designer: Ettore Sottsass

25. Alog Bookshelf:

Featuring a wall mounted modular block and easily detachable shelves, Alog bookshelf is a modular shelving system made from ash and MDF.

The excellent design of the bookshelf allows you to place them in various compositions and combinations of shelves. With strong roots in language of functions and graphic design, it will serve as both visual wall display and book shelving.

alog bookshelf

Designer: Johannes Herbertsson & Karl Henrik Rennstam

26. David Restorick Bedside Bookshelf:

With different shapes available from classic house shape to simple and useful furniture piece for storage, this wall mounted bookshelf incorporates one of your favorite shapes.

David Restorick has brilliantly designed this particular storage unit for different purpose besides than traditional bookshelf.

david restorick bedside bookshelf

Designer website: http://www.davidrestorickinteriors.co.uk/

27. Articulated Bookshelf:

Articulated book storage unit is one of the newest creations of Bertrand Pincemin. Articulated book shelves expands and collapse from one to six sections with high folding and unfolding system that rotates on pivot joints. You can easily fix it to the wall or accommodate it to the curved walls or corners.

articulated bookshelf

Designer website: http://bertrand.pincemin.free.fr/

28. Cantilever Bookshelf:

Essentially, this particular Cantilever bookshelf is made with structural steel sheet that could counter concrete weight and a custom piece of steel sheet, which is slotted down at the centre to accommodate and adjustable bookend that stops the books from falling over as they are placed farther down the shelf.

This is a simplified design of cantilevered bookshelf that has eliminated any kind of connection pieces between the counter weight and the steel plate.

cantilever bookshelf

29. Yet Wall Light Bookshelf:

Yet Wall Light Bookshelf is creatively designed to express its dual nature of wall light as well as modular shelf console.

The unique Y shape of the bookshelf was specially designed to make use of the light of a simple fluorescent bulb, throughout its surface and length. Additionally, it serves as an endless combination to decorate the wall with light.

yet wall light bookshelf

Designer: Kairos Studio

30. Piola Bookcase:

Although you may love traditional bookcases to display your favorite reads, Piola bookshelf would certainly includes to your “must have one day” list undoubtedly.

With completely new storage system, Piola bookshelf is a new modern wall bookcase that is specially designed just to make things beautiful for eyes. Striking the balance between art and perfect storage system, Piola bookshelf with large rectangular hook that form book would definitely look great in any space.

piola bookcase

31. Skew bookcase:

These funky “Skew” modular bookshelves are alternately stacked Lego style to give a much needed dose of action to your otherwise boring book collection.

Watch them slide towards your “alternative lifestyle” collection of severed heads and tingle at the possibility of a serious paper cut. Still only a prototype, each shelf of the skew bookcase is made from a single modular piece. When multiple pieces are joined or rotated together, it creates an alternately sloping shelf.

skew bookcase

Designer website: http://www.smansk.com/



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