7 Major Home Decor Mistakes that you Must Never Make

People take home decoration for granted, and this attitude leads them into committing some of the gravest errors. Interior designing is not just about creative designs put in place; it is also about providing meaning to spaces. It is our incomplete knowledge and under-appreciation of the value of home décor that we often fail.

In this article, we have picked up a really important issue in the area of home décor—common mistakes that must be avoided. If you ever decide to have your house interiorly designed, you must not forget about these mistakes which even the most experienced designers commit.

7 Major Home Decor Mistakes that you Must Never Make

So, keeping this in mind, let us find out what those mistakes are:

1. Pure White Seating

Lately, there is this trend where people have started preferring white over anything. They want white walls, white carpets, white furniture and whatnot. As a matter of fact, white upholstery is the new cool. But, while absorbed in our love for white, we forget that too much of white can give you pain.

White upholstery is bewitching, but could you please consider their vulnerability to stains? If at all you want to go ahead with white upholstery, get a slipcover.

2. Sharp-edged Tables

Sharp-edged dining tables or coffee tables are trendy, but they can be dangerous if you have little ones in your family. Those pointy edges will also harm even the most vigilant adult passer-by. However, this should not mean that we totally disband the idea of getting such tables inside our houses, and instead, switching over to round tables and ottomans.

While deciding to buy sharp-edged tables, be sure whether the intended place where you’d put the tables would pose the least inconvenience to anyone in the house.

3. Obsessing over DIYs

DIYs are amazing. We can create whatever we like without investing too many financial resources and time. However, many people tend to obsess over them, and this often causes problems.

Pinterest and other portals where ideas flow like waterfalls might be inspiring, but remember this if you are not willing to seriously consider undertaking DIYs, do not do them at all. DIYs look good only when you give it all in their making.

Save yourself from problems which may arise out of half-baked DIY attempts; leave the job to the pros, instead.

4. Busy Wallpaper

Everyone loves to add wallpapers to their home, but is it always a good option? We tend to not consider the right place for putting on wallpapers—we end up getting living rooms bold and loud wallpapers that usually do not sit well with the setting.

If you are determined to have wallpapers in your home anyway, we recommend you to get them posted to inconspicuous spaces such as a walk-in closet or powder room. You can play with your creativity there in these spaces, without being too loud and grandiloquent about it.

One more thing: Choose wallpapers wisely. Consider the design and paint of the house before selecting wallpapers. It will help a great deal!

5. Anything which is expensive and cool

We crave for cool and trendy stuff, and we feel that having such stuff in our house makes everything look exceptional. Well, sorry to disappoint, but this does not really happen.

Home décor has never been about getting expensive things embellish the house. Every object used in home decoration serves a purpose, and it need not be flashy and costly. There are spaces which will do well with DIY creations; there are spaces where antiques will be most celebrated. Everything has a place and a purpose.

So, when you are out there in the market, do not get over-excited about expensive stuff.

6. Really uncomfortable dining chairs

One must never, ever compromise on dining chairs.

A huge variety of dining chairs are available in the market, but we tend to choose only the most uncomfortable ones. Why? It is because they look more creative and attractive in design. But, seriously, their attractiveness and creativity will run down into the drain if there is no comfort available in their use.

Forget about yourself, think about your children and guests who would not like dining with you unless you get rid of these chairs.

7. Bare windows

Lately, designers have been employing bare windows for the purpose of home décor—which is excellent. But, sometimes, we overuse bare windows.

Bare windows allow in sunlight and keep the house warm and lively, but the UV rays which come along with it can greatly affect upholstery. Also, bare windows often give away an impression that home decoration is still not complete.

So, you may have a wonderful home décor done, bare windows will just kill all of the onlooker’s curiosity.


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