8 High-Fashion, Eco-Friendly Furniture for Your Living Room

— Elegance, funk, or simplicity – Choose your green seating!

In years past, it was more difficult to find eco-friendly furniture, especially those with upholstery. But today, there are so many stylish, sustainable couches and chairs available you’ll have a hard time narrowing down your list of favorites.

1. Viesso Green Couch Materials Options


Cozy up on one of Viesso’s stunning custom couches made of the green materials of your choice. They offer locally-sourced alder frames, bamboo (a rapidly renewable material that results in less destruction on harvest), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Maple, natural latex foam, recycled and natural fibers for upholstery, low-toxin wood stains, water based glues, and more.

They’ve made your couch green from the inside out, and will even offer recycling services for your old furniture.

2. Keilhauer Eco-Friendly Seating Options


Keilhauer makes a wide variety of functional, high-style couches and they care about the environment, too. Using a closed-loop system, they aim to create environmentally-benign furnishings made of waste or recycled materials, sustainably sources raw materials, CFC-free upholstery, and recyclable materials.

Not only that, but they use wood cuts for energy generation, they recycle all cardboard and leather, and use only recyclable plastic components.

3. Vivavi Green Couches


Vivavi incorporates a variety of green practices into their couch making process. They use FSC woods, 100% organic wool and organic cotton for upholstery, as well as linen, hemp, and bamboo materials.

Their cushions are made from natural latex and they use only formaldehyde free, water-based stains and glues. Not only that, but they use recycled steel for all springs and screws.

4. Woodshanti Couch


Working with materials like responsibly harvested or rediscovered woods, Woodshanti uses only the highest-quality craftsmanship to create high-quality, long-lasting couches.

They also incorporate things like organic cotton and hemp upholstery, FSC-certified woods, and natural oil sealers.

5. Q Collection Eco-Safe Seating


Take one of these beautiful, elegant eco-friendly furniture by Q Collection for a greener living room that’s also incredibly well designed. Q Collection furnishings are made with eco-safe materials like certified sustainable woods, natural latex foam rubber for cushions, water-based, non-toxic glues, pesticide-free fabrics, and natural fabrics like jute and burlap.

They also exclude nasty chemicals like brominated flame retardants, formaldehyde, polyurethane, and more.

6. Knoll Residential Green Seating


Knoll works hard to achieve environmental sustainability with their eco-friendly furniture. They have eight principles – protection of the biosphere, sustainable use of natural resources, waste reduction and disposal, conservation, risk reduction, safe products, environmental restoration, and education. All of these are incorporated into their designs.

7. IF Green Sustainably Stylish Eco-Friendly Furniture


Add a minimalist look to your living room with one of these fun couches made by IF Green. Their sustainable materials include things like reclaimed woods, FSC-certified woods, natural hard wax oils, non-toxic finishes, and sustainable fabrics like those that are recycled, recyclable, or compostable.

8. Cambium Studio Reclaimed Wood Accent Chairs


Add some funk and flair to your living room with one of Cambium Studio’s fun accent chairs. They’re made of recycled or reclaimed wood, which means no new trees will be cut down to make them.

The only other material used is stainless steel, making it completely recyclable as well.

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