16 Creative & Sophisticated Fireplaces

From chic symmetry to nature-inspired futurism, fireplaces have evolved from earthy hearths to state-of-the-art conversation pieces. Glass, metal and remote control gas take on an eco-conscious dimension as log burning is relegated to the ash heap.

1. Rotating Fireplace:

Complete with optional remote control, this futuristic rotating fireplace from Spartherm radiates warmth to every corner of the room like a sun in the solar system. Running on gas, the Diva can be rotated at the touch of a button and doubles up as a stove. [ via: spartherm ]

2. Oakland Wall Fireplace:

Besides the visual impact, the unique asymmetrical design of this fireplace makes a cosy home fire a visual feast. The enameled front of lava stone comes in a range of bright colors to tempt your inner artist to greater heights. [ via: brisach ]

3. Design Fireplace:

Inspired by nature, the floral chic marble surround of this fireplace combines serious and frivolous elements. Both austere and fun at the same time, the rectangular shape makes for plenty of fire space and eye candy at the same time.

Chazelles’ juxtaposition of warm and cold elements makes for an interesting dichotomy for every stylish living room. [ via: chazelles ]

4. Magritte by MCZ:

Made entirely from brushed Silva Oro, this semi built-in chimney fireplace contains the heat inside transparent cover, creating the illusion of a lively television screen.

The sleek, chic design is built for 90° corners and can be fitted to left or right sides of a wall unit. Available in two dimensions: Forma 77: 170x96x80cm; Forma 98: 190x85x80cm. [ via: mcz ]

5. Vauni Ethanol Fireplace:

A free-standing, chimney-free hearth, this globe-shaped fireplace rotates at a 360-degree axis, so you can see it from any part of the room. Powered by ethanol, which enable you to refill and adjust the flames to the level of your choosing without any soot or ash to clean up afterwards. [ via: vauni ]

6. Travelmate Mobile Fireplace:

Fret no more, if you don’t have a chimney and want the possibility of fire in every room during winter. This smokeless fireplace, ignited by means of a weather-resistant powder coating, has a magnetic glass frame which enables the size of the flames to be regulated from the outside.

At just 20 inches high, you can move your fire wherever the mood takes you please and have no guilt about carbon emissions. [ via: conmoto ]

7. Vogue wood stove:

Enclosed by a large, curved window, the flames in Austroflam’s futuristic invention seem to burn forever. A heat memory system ensures that fuel consumption is reduced and heat stored for longer than most.
[ via: austroflamm ]

8. Tabletop Fireplace:

Designed by Gido Wahrmann for Carl Mertens, this diminutive hearth is a clever mimic of two lighted logs.  The ‘logs’ are tiny stainless steel lamps, mounted on a 10″ x 14″ slate base, and the flames use oil for fuel. Whoever thought campfire songs couldn’t take place round the dinner table?
[ via: greenergrassdesign ]

9. Glass Fireplace:

Using wood or gas as a medium, this stylish open glass fireplace is designed to open the mind and expand living space stylishly. Enclosed by four glass panels to eliminate smoke in the atmosphere, the fireplace can be turned on and off by remote control.

The gas burner has three safety stops, a regulated lighting system at the base and a glass plateau with a mirror underneath. Simple and Zen, this design comes in pyramid or rectangular shape, with clear or tinted glass.
[ via: bloch design ]

10. FilioFocus:

Atelier Dominique Imbert’s minimalist work of art can be free-standing or wall-mounted and uses either wood or gas as fuel options. The fireplace gives a feeling of a great open fire with a conic furnace and the free-standing fireplace is aesthetic and functional at the same time. Glass and steel combine to create an interesting interaction between serenity and action. Sheer genius. [ via: focus creation ]

11. Modern Fireplace:

For the ultimate in functional modernity, check out Edilkamin’s three geometric designs: the Art Acciaio, the Art Wenge and the Kubik. Solid and simple, each fireplace is integrated as focal point into a furniture unit as effortlessly as the storage shelves which complement it.

Choose according to the mood of your room: while the Art Acciaio has a coating of satin steel, the Art Wenge is entirely covered in wenge wood and the Kubik has a painted surface of steel grey anthracite.
[ via: edilkamin ]

12. Cyclone:

A mesmerizing cross between a natural and synthetic fire, the Cyclone Gas Fireplace makes the fire a key decorative element of the home. Emitting only 15,000 BTUs, the Cyclone Gas Fire is both fuel-efficient and practical, while offering a unique twisted flame display at the same time.

Operable by remote control, the Cyclone System comes as a preassembled surround in either a brushed copper or brushed nickel finish and offers a 360 degree view. [ via: heatnglo ]

13. Radium & Scandium:

Emulating a plasma television screen, Radium and Scandium catalytic vent-free gas fireplaces are especially designed for lofts or rooms where ventilation can’t be installed.

Using catalytic converter technology, which means hot air is cleaned as it leaves the combustion chamber, these slim vent-free gas fireplaces can be installed anywhere where a gas line is available.
[ via: lennoxhearthproducts ]

14. Planika Fireplace:

An immaculate example of fire without smoke, the portable Planika contains flickering flames in designs of glass to create an inspiring focal point in any room you choose.

Ideal if you don’t have a chimney or vent, it eliminates odour, soot and smoke and generates little more than carbon dioxide similar to a human’s breath. The circular design, which fits into a pre-cut coffee table or trolley, makes an interesting decor item. [ via: planikafires ]

15. Home Flame Collection:

Made of double-skin stainless steel, with a ceramic sponge in the middle, this patented combustion chamber creates a large, even set of flames and ensures that the very last drop of bio-ethanol burns.

The ingenious combustion chamber can also be placed in any fireproof container and creates state-of-the-art elegance when placed in objects like Michael Rösing has developed. [ via: radius design ]

16. Greed For Quiet:

A glorious indoor take on the campfire, Greed For Quiet is both a fire pit and piece of furniture. Surrounded by wood planks supporting five chairs, the star-like design creates the impression of floating.

Each “chair blade” is able to rotate around the fire pit to a desired position. The focal point, which doesn’t look unlike a giant fondue, is fitted with a chimney piece to ensure all the smoke is eliminated.
[ via: useful fruit ]


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