How to be DIY Interior Designer?

One of the challenging tasks for a homeowner is to redecorate the interior of the home. Whether it’s a new home or remodelling the old ones, you need to be well-prepared in terms of ideas and budget. It takes a certain eye to pull a room together and make it fabulously functional. From colouring the walls to fitting equipment to re-arranging the furniture, every step needs to be taken with perfection. An interior designer could be the saviour who can help in remodelling the interiors. However, the budget is the things that matter above all. Many homeowners after doing research online and offline take the step by self and remodel their home interior.

Thanks to the internet, where you can get enough information about the interior decoration. Whether you have a small space or large space, you need to plan accordingly to get the best design. Some people are born with great eyes for decorating home, and if you are among them, then try decorating the interior by self. We bring the tips on how you can re-decorate your interior by self.

How to be DIY Interior Designer?

Following the Rule of Odd Numbers:

You must have heard about the Rule of Thirds in photography, so in interior designing to using the odd number as a foundation. The basic idea of odd number is that details and objects are arranged oddly which are creates the more appealing look. You can group the objects as per heights, shapes and textures. Put some deep thoughts on it before heading to re-arrange things.

Play with Colors or Shades:

The color scheme is an important part of the interior design. A color combination certainly creates moods that inspires the members and keep the area ignited. Choosing the color depends on the furniture and interior style, but mixing up three colors or shades is certainly the best way to improve the interior. The main color for walls, then for couches and chairs, and then for accessories, plan color schemes accordingly.

Adding Right Texture:

Like color scheme, the texture is also equally important that adds charm to the interior. Try adding shades of the same color along with textures. For instance, the white color room may have linen draperies, shiny silk cushions, rattan chairs and cotton sofa. All these elements add textures that can please the people eyes visiting your space. Moreover, textures help in creating a rich environment.

Enclose the room with Large Furniture Pieces:

One of the major mistakes homeowners do is they add too many small pieces of furniture in one room that looks more clutter. Instead, try for mixed and large furniture. Large sofa, skirted club chairs, armchairs and few other options can certainly free up space from small pieces of furniture. The mixture of small and large furniture is a key to successful interior design.

Seek help from Interior Design Magazines:

As mentioned above, there are online interior design websites that can be helpful to become a self-interior designer. To get more guidance, check out interior design magazine that carries latest trends and tips to self-designing the interior. You don’t need to pay hefty money to a designer to get advice or re-design the interior.

Don’t push yourself hard to re-design the interior by self unless you’re confident enough. Prepare your mind, sketch the plan and then take the step forward to ensure you can self-design the interior of your sweet home. The ultimate aim is to give create a warm space that can make your sense rejuvenated.


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