DIY Creative Ways to Design Your Place

Moving into an apartment that you bought with your hard-earned dough? Or perhaps, that great job you work at, finally gave you a promotion and a cabin of your own. Excited, eh? Here is something that will add to your bustle of excitement. Consider doing the interiors yourself! It is easy and at the end of the day, your room or your office cabin will look smart and lovely!

Here are creative and innovative ways to design and decorate your place:

DIY Creative Ways to Design Your Place

Interior decoration for the living room

  1. If your living room is not big enough, but you need it to look spacious, then put up mirrors on the walls at strategic locations to create the optical illusion of a large room. Paint the walls and ceiling with neutral or off-white colours to make the room seem spacious.
  2. Spice up the living room with a bouquet of flowers of vibrant colours, arranged beautifully in a colourful vase set in the centre of a brown, teak coffee table located centrally in the room.
  3. Surround the coffee table with sofas of unique designs, preferably a loveseat, that are plush, comfortable and ideal for a couple to snuggle over books, coffee or TV soaps.
  4. Mix bold print tiles for the floor, with a low-key splash on the walls for a lively combination of colours.

Interior decoration for the bedroom

  1. The choice of colours plays an important role when it comes to your bedroom. A white bedroom is a picture of class and style and conjures an ambience of peace and serenity. Integrating a natural texture such as wood with white in your bedroom will easily distinguish your room from that of a hospital. Pastel shades of lilac, powdery green and blue for the bedroom walls is a good choice for reducing strain and inducing sleep. Accent the colours with suited bedspreads and sheets.
  2. After colours, comes bedroom lighting. If your bedroom is not that big, a single source of light of low wattage and preferably of blue or light orange shade will do just fine, along with a reading lamp on the bedside table. If your bedroom is spacious, then throw in a combination of floor lighting fixtures, bedside lamps, ceiling lights and lights of dim power and warm glow suitable for all kinds of activities in bed from reading to romance and relaxation.

Interior decoration of workplace at home

  1. The old, creaky table at your home can be renovated into an antique desk for your official work, and the old, wooden drawer can be fixed in with new details and turned in to a brand new workplace organizer. Now, simply build a decorated wall as a partition to separate your workplace from the rest of the house.
  2. Nobody says that an office cabin has to be drab and boring. Hang a few pictures of your family on the wall. Decorate the desk with a flower vase or a potted plant. Paint the walls with a cool and low-key colour to induce a stress-free ambience.


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